Gore nest

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A gore nest infests an area of the UAC Mars Base, a view into Hell visible in the portal above it.

The gore nest is an animate object occurring in Doom (2016), a living mass of blood and tissue derived from the victims of the demons, which is created through dark rituals and ceremonies they perform upon the remains after bringing them to the site of the nest. Hell energy from these rituals eventually connects the gore nest to Hell, and an interdimensional rift begins to form atop the fleshy creature through which can be seen an area on the other side. Acting as an "umbilical cord" of sorts, the demons are fiercely protective of the gore nests. If one is attacked or nearby demons are angered, more demons may arrive through the rift to defend or avenge the nest. It is likely that the gore nest plays a critical role in the process through which Hell subsumes and conquers other worlds.

The Doom Slayer destroys gore nests by grasping what appears to be a rudimentary ocular organ on one side of the abomination, and twisting and ripping it from its place. This results in a dramatic spray of blood and a chilling otherworldly scream from the nest itself which results in an immediate wave of demons who will attack relentlessly. The nest itself will then explode in a shower of blood and gibs, as this organ seems to be critical to its survival. In terms of game play, the gore nests serve as the centerpiece of the arena-based combat mechanic. Areas with gore nests will generally be declared as having demonic presence at an unsafe level, and the UAC's automated security systems will lock down the area until the nests have been destroyed. Dr. Samuel Hayden states near the onset of the game that this system cannot be bypassed through any protocol.

Some gore nests are optional and, if ignored, will result in the encounter of fewer enemies. However, it is usually in the player's interest to destroy all of the nests in order to earn weapon upgrade points.