An example of the gothic architecture in GothicDMAn example of the gothic architecture in GothicDM
Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 1997
Link Doomworld/idgames
Top100.png This mod was one of the ten 1997 mods to feature in the Top 100 WADs of All Time on Doomworld!
  1. Requiem
  2. Eternal Doom
  3. GothicDM
  5. Mordeth
  6. The Talosian Incident
  7. Dawn of the Dead
  8. Hell Revealed
  9. Hell's Eventide
  10. Chord NG
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GothicDM (it is named Gothic DeathMatches in the accompanying text file but almost always referred to as GothicDM) is a WAD developed for multiplayer deathmatch play. It was released on July 12, 1997. GothicDM was revolutionary at the time of its release due to its focus on appearance. Replacement textures and detailed architecture were used to create levels which have a gothic appearance. This is combined with music done in a gothic style to give a complete gothic style to the WAD.

A sequel to GothicDM, GothicDM 2, was later released, as well as a later followup, Gothic 99.


Levels for the WAD were made by:

Music for the WAD was written by:


  • MAP01: Yesterday's Void by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP02: Plaza at the End of the World by Andrei Romanov
  • MAP03: Gopher by Daniel Twomey
  • MAP04: Lovecraftian DreamScape by Michal Mesko
  • MAP05: Father, For I Have Sinned by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP06: Untitled by Iikka Keränen
  • MAP07: Necropolis by Matthew Dixon
  • MAP08: Temple of Dreams by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP09: Fall of the Medium by Michal Mesko
  • MAP10: Out Comes the Evil by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP11: Final Reclamation by Andrei Romanov
  • MAP12: Patterned Chaos by Daniel Twomey
  • MAP13: Tempest by Chris Martin
  • MAP14: Absence of Faith by Matthew Dixon and Daniel Twomey
  • MAP15: Of Ashes and Wormwood by Matthew Dixon
  • MAP16: Bastillion by Chris Martin
  • MAP17: Catharsis by Chris Martin
  • MAP18: Necrose Evangelicum by Chris Martin
  • MAP19: Libris Ex Mortis by Chris Martin and Matthew Dixon
  • MAP20: Wasted by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP21: Creator by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP22: Destroyer by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP23: Pinion by Andrei Romanov
  • MAP24: Ethereal Manifestation by Michal Mesko
  • MAP25: Death Glance by Daniel Twomey
  • MAP26: Lucifer's Flowers by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP27: Untitled by Iikka Keränen
  • MAP28: Industrial Revolution by Matthew Dixon
  • MAP29: Everything Explodes by Daniel Twomey
  • MAP30: Beyond Good and Evil by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP31: Blood Roses by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP32: ...And Beyond by Michal Mesko


  • MAP01: "The Red Sky" by Mark Klem
  • MAP02: "Ziztax Feyebrosis" by David Shaw
  • MAP03: "Beloved Hate" by Mark Klem
  • MAP04: "Random Particles" by David Shaw
  • MAP05: "Grave Stones" by Mark Klem
  • MAP06: "Where Silence Has Lease" by David Shaw
  • MAP07: "Spelling Trouble" by Mark Klem
  • MAP08: "Tempissed Phlux" by David Shaw
  • MAP09: "Time x Time = Time" by Mark Klem
  • MAP10: "The Stillness Is Near" by David Shaw
  • MAP11: "The Unjolly" by Mark Klem
  • MAP12: "Evil Is" by Mark Klem
  • MAP13: "Ghost of Long Away" by Mark Klem
  • MAP14: "Influxuation" by Mark Klem
  • MAP15: "Arbigatron Noodles" by Mark Klem
  • MAP16: "Ziztax Feyebrosis" by David Shaw
  • MAP17: "Beloved Hate" by Mark Klem
  • MAP18: "Random Particles" by David Shaw
  • MAP19: "Grave Stones" by Mark Klem
  • MAP20: "Where Silence Has Lease" by David Shaw
  • MAP21: "Spelling Trouble" by Mark Klem
  • MAP22: "Tempissed Phlux" by David Shaw
  • MAP23: "Time x Time = Time" by Mark Klem
  • MAP24: "The Stillness Is Near" by David Shaw
  • MAP25: "The Unjolly" by Mark Klem
  • MAP26: "Evil Is" by Mark Klem
  • MAP27: "Ghost of Long Away" by Mark Klem
  • MAP28: "Influxuation" by Mark Klem
  • MAP29: "Arbigatron Noodles" by Mark Klem
  • MAP30: "Tempissed Phlux" by David Shaw
  • MAP31: "Time x Time = Time" by Mark Klem
  • MAP32: "The Red Sky" by Mark Klem

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