GothicDM 2


GothicDM 2
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Authors Various
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 1998
Link Doomworld/idgames
Top100.png This mod was one of the ten 1998 mods to feature in the Top 100 WADs of All Time on Doomworld!
  1. GothicDM 2
  2. Cyberdreams
  3. Phobos
  4. Earth
  5. Venom
  6. Tantrum 2
  7. Dickie 10
  8. Run Buddy
  9. Odessa 14
  10. Crestfallen
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GothicDM II is the sequel to GothicDM and uses the same gothic architectural themes. It was followed by Gothic 99.


Levels for the WAD were made by:

Music for the WAD was written by:


  • MAP01: Ruckas by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP02: Hellsphere by Matthew Dixon and Anthony Soto
  • MAP03: American Gothic by Malcolm Sailor
  • MAP04: Kingdom Come to Zero Hour by Michal Mesko
  • MAP05: Invalid by Matthew Dixon and Daniel Twomey
  • MAP06: Niggle by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP07: The Darkness Beneath by Malcom Sailor
  • MAP08: Shades of Amber by Matthew Dixon
  • MAP09: Benthian Bastille by Chris Martin
  • MAP10: San Salvador de Leyre: Crypt by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP11: Shrouded Ground by Daniel Twomey
  • MAP12: Souls for the Pagans by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP13: Focal Zero by Malcolm Sailor
  • MAP14: Fontevrault 1110 a.d. by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP15: Fragment Sixty Six by Michal Mesko
  • MAP16: Dyhani by Chris Martin
  • MAP17: Mausoleum by Nick Baker
  • MAP18: Cardona, San Vicenc by Anthony Czerwonka and Chris Martin
  • MAP19: Artemisia Absinthium by Matthew Dixon and Daniel Twomey
  • MAP20: Hoo Doo by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP21: Dominion by Travers Dunne
  • MAP22: Ephemeral Playground by Malcolm Sailor
  • MAP23: Gateway to Inverness by Anthony Czerwonka and Chris Martin
  • MAP24: Acropolis by Matthew Dixon and Daniel Twomey
  • MAP25: The Keeper's Call by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP26: Opiate by Malcolm Sailor
  • MAP27: Bricolage by Matthew Dixon, Michal Mesko and Malcolm Sailor
  • MAP28: Witches Congregation by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP29: Apocolyptopolis by Daniel Twomey
  • MAP30: Quake 3:16 by Anthony Czerwonka
  • MAP31: Absolution by Daniel Twomey
  • MAP32: Ad Infinitum by Nick Baker


  • MAP01: "War" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP02: "Dreaming" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP03: "Grave Town, Live Version" by Mark Klem
  • MAP04: "Egyptian Pharaoh" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP05: "Insignia" by Mark Klem
  • MAP06: "Desert Run" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP07: "Homing" by Mark Klem
  • MAP08: "Lurk" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP09: "Doctor Defiant" by Mark Klem
  • MAP10: "Rotten" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP11: "Entity" by Mark Klem
  • MAP12: "Nothing to Brag About" by Mark Klem
  • MAP13: "Beligerance" by Mark Klem
  • MAP14: "Lost in Desperation" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP15: "Desert Run" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP16: "And So I Carry on..." by David Shaw
  • MAP17: "Grave Town, Live Version" by Mark Klem
  • MAP18: "Prepare for Battle" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP19: "Even Worse!" by Mark Klem
  • MAP20: "Terror's Loft" by Mark Klem
  • MAP21: "Challenge" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP22: "Fight for Glory" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP23: "Rise in Flames" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP24: "Tripped" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP25: "Lurk" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP26: "Entity" by Mark Klem
  • MAP27: "Beligerance" by Mark Klem
  • MAP28: "Demon Waltz" by Mark Klem
  • MAP29: "Flight of the Dragon" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP30: "Clashing Swords" by Marc Pullen
  • MAP31: "Terror's Loft" by Mark Klem
  • MAP32: "Rotten" by Marc Pullen

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