Grenade launcher


This article is about the weapon from Strife. For the weapon from Doom (2016), see Grenade launcher (Doom 2016).
A grenade launcher in deathmatch from MAP20: Factory: Receiving.
The phosphorous grenades used on peasants.

The grenade launcher is a weapon from Strife. It is actually a double-barreled weapon, capable of firing two shots per burst, one after the other.

The grenade launcher can fire two different types of grenades. The high-explosive variety can be thrown at various angles, and will explode after bouncing three or four times. An additional trick is that these grenades can be aimed to the point that they can be bounced up and down off the heads of enemies to do additional pre-damage before the main explosion.

The second type of grenade is the phosphorous grenade, which can be aimed in the same manner as the normal variety, but instead of exploding these grenades will erupt into an erratically moving pillar of fire that will burn away for roughly 45 seconds at a time. Human enemies slain by the flames will fall to ashes just as if they had been hit by the flamethrower.

Its ammo capacity is 30 explosive grenades, and 16 phosphorous grenades. These can be doubled to 60 and 32 respectively by collecting an ammo satchel.

Ammo pickups for this weapon are as follows:

  • Grenade launcher: 12 explosive grenades
  • Explosive grenades (white): 6 explosive grenades
  • Phosphorous grenades (yellow and gold): 4 phosphorous grenades

The first grenade launcher can be found in a locked down area in the sewers.


Appearance statistics[edit]

In the IWAD the grenade launcher is first encountered on these maps per skill level:

The IWAD contains the following numbers of grenade launchers per skill level: