Guess the Map


Guess the Map is an intermittent but regular event taking place on the Doomworld forums in which participants are asked to identify WADs and maps from editor and automap screenshots. An initial textual clue is also provided, with a second and sometimes a third clue added a few days later. Finally, the answers are revealed around a week after the contest opened. The one rule is that all guesses must be posted under spoiler tags.


On 15th August 2021 Doomworld forums user The Beautiful Days posted a thread What are the largest maps?[1] Therein, user Grain of Salt posted a composite of 30 grandiose map layouts, jokingly suggesting readers attempt to identify them all.[2] Various users took up the challenge, one of whom, Xulgonoth, opined the idea be developed into its own thread.[3] The Beautiful Days agreed with the suggestion,[4] posting the first Guess the Map thread two days later on 17th August.[5]

Inspired by this, forums user galileo31dos01 posted the second edition on 5th September 2021,[6] and a third edition was created by user NuMetalManiak on 12th September 2021.[7] The two continued to alternate hosting duties thenceforth, with new editions being posted once or twice per month.

Maps featured[edit]

First edition[edit]

Hosted by The Beautiful Days.

  1. MAP01: Entryway (Doom II)
  2. MAP30: Last Call (TNT: Evilution)
  3. E2M9: Fortress of Mystery (Doom)
  4. MAP11: Hunted (The Plutonia Experiment)
  5. MAP31: Pharaoh (TNT: Evilution)
  6. MAP20: Misri Halek (Alien Vendetta)
  7. MAP24: The Mucus Flow (Community Chest 2)
  8. MAP28: Maelstrom (Sunlust)
  9. MAP05: Deus Vult (Deus Vult)
  10. Nostril Caverns (Doomworld/idgames)
  11. Grove
  12. MAP30: God Machine (Sunlust)
  13. MAP03: Cargo Depot (Alien Vendetta)
  14. MAP01: Insurgents (Deus Vult)
  15. MAP08: 54-pit (Japanese Community Project)
  16. MAP00 (HDoom)
  17. MAP03: Swim With The Whales (Swim With The Whales)
  18. MAP32: Hexagon (10 Sectors)
  19. MAP31: Spiderweb Arena (Lost Civilization)
  20. MAP29: Citadel at the Edge of Eternity (Community Chest)
  21. E5M3: Cages of the Damned (SIGIL)
  22. MAP01: Back to Saturn X Radio Report (BTSX-E1)
  23. MAP02: Hangar (10 Sectors)
  24. MAP03: Crawl Space (Going Down)

Second edition[edit]

Hosted by galileo31dos01.

  1. Doom II, MAP13
  2. Scythe, MAP32
  3. Resurgence, MAP08
  4. Ancient Aliens, MAP18
  5. Ultimate Doom the Way ID Did, E4M7
  6. Newgothic Movement, MAP10
  7. Zone 400, MAP17
  8. Skulltiverse, MAP02
  9. Memento Mori II, MAP06
  10. The Eye
  11. Counterattack, MAP04
  12. TNT: Revilution, MAP03
  13. Northern Powerhouse
  14. Abyssion
  15. Vanguard, MAP07
  16. Dark Tide
  17. The Plutonia Experiment, MAP24
  18. Reverie, MAP27
  19. Oculus Malus
  20. Hoover Dam
  21. Heretic, E5M1
  22. Akeldama, MAP22
  23. Double Impact, E1M1
  24. Painful Evil
  25. Eternal Doom, MAP05

Third edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. E3M6, Mt Erebus, Doom
  2. MAP23, Showdown, Memento Mori
  3. MAP19, The Spiral, Doom 64
  4. MAP19, Bingo Pool Hall of Blood, BTSX E1
  5. The Catwalk, Master Levels
  6. Technicolor Antichrist Box
  7. Cheogsh
  8. MAP20, Interstellar Sickness, Community Chest 4
  9. MAP06, Temple Entryway, Scythe 2
  10. Action Doom MAP01
  11. MAP23, Barrels O' Fun, Doom 2 In Name Only
  12. MAP07, Tech Center, Dimensions of Time
  13. E2M8, Vault, Doom the Way Id Did
  14. A Hidden Mountain Factory
  15. MAP11, Stone Tyrant, The Darkening
  16. MAP04, Illegal Block Size 1024, lilith.pk3
  17. Brookhaven Hospital (MAP32 of sf2012 or MAP12 of ESP)
  18. MAP25, Acid Reflux, 2048 Unleashed
  19. MAP10, Hell's Furnace, NOVA: The Birth
  20. MAP23, Asbestos, Interception II
  21. The Portal by Laz Rojas (prequel to Astrostein)
  22. Frozen Exuviae
  23. MAP32, Jose Maria Moreno, Eviltech
  24. MAP04, Sunset Forest Zone Act 2, Super Sonic Doom
  25. E3M2, The Dead Marshes, Masters of Chaos

Fourth Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP01 System Control from TNT: Evilution
  2. MAP32 Bad Dream from Master Levels
  3. MAP28 Twilight Massacre from Speed of Doom
  4. MAP10 Candlecove from Valiant
  5. MAP15 Gates of Hell from Hell Revealed
  6. MAP20 Silures from Eternal Doom
  7. Planisphere 2
  8. MAP19 Stargate from Deus Vult II
  9. dead.air
  10. E1M7 Waste Treatment from Double Impact
  11. MAP30 Bane from Batman Doom
  12. MAP20 The Greater Temple from Demonfear
  13. Run Buddy
  14. E1M3 Dissolution from Phobos: Anomaly Reborn
  15. MAP22 Viscera from Eviternity
  16. MAP04 Dustbowl Flashback from Intergalactic Xenology
  17. MAP01 Slaughtered Workers from Strife: Absolute Order
  18. MAP18 Warehouse Siege from Doom 2 Reloaded
  19. Monster Hunter Ltd. II by didy
  20. MAP32 Green Madness from Whitemare 2
  21. The Great Urban Battle by pcorf
  22. E3M7 Strange, Strange Instruments from Tarnsman's Projectile Hell
  23. E3M8 Earthquake from Heretic Treasure Chest
  24. E4M7 Venice of the Sky from Enceladus
  25. MAP08 Land of Erebus from Doomworld Mega Project 2015

Fifth Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP29 The Living End from Doom 2
  2. MAP57 The Marshes from Playstation Doom
  3. MAP21 Slayer from Plutonia
  4. E1M8 Doomsday of UAC
  5. MAP25 Demonic Hordes from Alien Vendetta
  6. MAP19 Natural from Kama Sutra
  7. MAP04 The Garden Terminal II from Jenesis
  8. MAP12 The Zealous Machine from Sunder
  9. MAP06 Acheron's Needle from Syringe
  10. MAP27 Ammut from Epic 2
  11. Forsaken Overlook
  12. MAP07 from Equinox
  13. MAP08 Solar Power from Scythe X
  14. MAP09 Islands from Earth
  15. Doom City
  16. MAP19 Rift Quandry from Doom 2 Unleashed
  17. MAP16 Mancublood from 1 Monster
  18. E3M7 Blackrock from ZPack
  19. MAP08 The Rats in the Well from MAYhem 2019
  20. E1M7 This is my Shotgun from Shotgun Symphony
  21. MAP06 Confession from Finely Crafted Fetish Film
  22. MAP23 Monad from Fragport
  23. START map from Fraggle's SMMU port
  24. MAP19 Tenjigoku from Come Eat the Mapwich 2
  25. Esselfortium's Birthday Cave by Megalyth

Sixth Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP02 The Terraformer from Doom 64
  2. E3M7 (Gate to) Limbo from Doom
  3. Nuts
  4. MAP26 Fear from Scythe
  5. MAP15 Last Resort from Requiem
  6. MAP31 B0S from A.L.T.
  7. MAP32 Hitler from Flashback to Hell
  8. MAP23 Death Mountain from Community Chest 2
  9. MAP25 Vulcana from Whispers of Satan
  10. MAP03 Nukage Factory Zone from Unholy Realms
  11. E1M1 Mummy Roaster from Elf Gets Pissed
  12. MAP04 of Suspended in Dusk
  13. MAP33 Chocolate from Plutonia 2
  14. MAP07 Cacomap from MAYhem 2048
  15. E4M2 Their Torment Ascendeth from Switcheroom
  16. MAP10 Beacon from Vile Flesh
  17. E1M9 Mystic Fountain of Crates from The Wayfarer
  18. MAP32 Ephemeral from 1000 Lines Community Project 2
  19. E2M2 of Rip It, Tear It, Smash It! or E2M6 of Monument
  20. Breach
  21. E3M7 Spinal Trap from Enjay Doom or MAP29 from Enjay Doom 2
  22. MAP19 Crown of Creation from Scientist 2
  23. Yaotzin
  24. Infraworld: The Hatehammer
  25. MAP10 The Texas Linguine Foundation from Massmouth 2

Seventh Edition[edit]

Hosted by galileo31dos01.

  1. TNT: Evilution, MAP25
  2. Hell Revealed 2, MAP27
  3. Valiant, MAP19
  4. REKKR, E4M9
  5. Ultimate Doom, E3M4
  6. Kuchitsu, MAP05
  7. Hurt
  8. No End In Sight, E2M3
  9. Brigandine
  10. Tangerine Nightmare, MAP07
  11. H2H-Xmas, MAP12
  12. Containment Area
  13. Mordeth, MAP01
  14. Doom 2 In Name Only, MAP18
  15. L'agonie Finale
  16. Sharp Things
  17. Obituary, MAP16
  18. Mothership
  19. Explanada
  20. Pumpkin Hell
  21. Boaty McBoatlord, MAP12
  22. Kamikaze Suicidal
  23. UnBeliever, E1M9
  24. Skepland, MAP03
  25. Garrulismo, MAP21

Eighth Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP15 The Twilight from Plutonia
  2. MAP08 Tricks and Traps from Doom 2
  3. MAP20 Sinister Daybreak from PRCP
  4. MAP01 Paradox from Master Levels
  5. MAP05 The Final Countdown from Lunatic
  6. MAP24 Nuclear Winter from Resurgence
  7. E3M3 Stronghold of Damnation from 2002: A Doom Odyssey
  8. MAP08 Right in the Crotch from Mock 2
  9. MAP09 Hobb's End Horror from Hellcore 2.0
  10. MAP04 Dirty Water from BTSX Episode 2
  11. MAP04 Temple Terror from Mayan Mishap
  12. Freaky Panties 2
  13. Chord 3
  14. MAP26 Hybrid Envy from Community Chest 3
  15. MAP02 of 99 Ways to Die
  16. Icebound
  17. MAP23 Spaceswitch from The Twilight Zone
  18. MAP05 Echoes from Doom Core
  19. Sapphire: Orbital Research
  20. E1M6 Fright Yard from Alpha Accident: Terra Nova
  21. MAP07 Pasaulis from Mano Laikas
  22. MAP01 Caribbean Catastrophe from DooM: Vacation
  23. MAP01 Lystern Harbour from Serpent: Resurrection
  24. MAP18 Intardnet 3 - Cybervalley from Community is Falling 3
  25. MAP15 of joe-ilya's Lost Maps

Ninth Edition[edit]

Hosted by galileo31dos01.

  1. Wonderful Doom, E4M2
  2. Requiem, MAP19
  3. No Rest For the Living, MAP02
  4. 50 Shades of Graytall, MAP11
  5. Back to Saturn X, E1M20
  6. STRAIN, MAP16
  7. Dimension of the Boomed, MAP04
  8. Mercury Rain
  9. Plutonia 2, MAP10
  10. Hell's Eventide
  11. Preacher, MAP04
  12. Crossing Acheron
  13. Viscous Realms
  14. Heretic, E3M2
  15. The Classic Episode, E2M1
  16. Legacy of Heroes, MAP01
  17. I Hate My Neighbors, MAP32
  18. Absolutely Killed, E1M7
  19. The Terraces
  20. Doctor's Crypt
  21. Skyewood, MAP02
  22. Bloodstain, MAP24
  23. Grime
  24. HacX, MAP15
  25. Urania, MAP07

X Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP07 Arachnophobia from Hell Revealed
  2. MAP10 Containment Area from Jaguar/PSX/32X/3DO/Saturn/GBA Doom
  3. MAP09 Abbatoire from Plutonia
  4. Void
  5. MAP08 Ancient Aliens from Ancient Aliens
  6. MAP11 of Dystopia 3
  7. E2M8 Serenity Forever from Eternity
  8. MAP25 Forbidden Fruit from Going Down
  9. MAP06 P.E.T. Rescue from Icarus
  10. Void and Rainbow
  11. MAP31 Red Dawn from 50 Monsters
  12. Bury My Heart Knee Deep
  13. E1M4 Withered Gardens from Return to Hadron
  14. MAP11 Frozen Terror from Operation: BIOWAR
  15. Reconstruction/Decomposition
  16. Garden of Delight by John Bye
  17. Angry Quilt 2
  18. MAP28 Amongst the Ash from Interception
  19. MAP27 HellChaos from ChrisWAD
  20. MAP32 Amarite Accelerator from Fractured Worlds
  21. MAP24 El Abismo from Doom 2 In Spain Only
  22. MAP100 World Map from Doom: The Golden Souls 2
  23. MAP31 Morass from The Twilight Zone II: Final Dreams
  24. MAP19 Processing Center from Invasion II
  25. MAP05 Black Moon of the Forest from Khorus

XI Edition[edit]

Hosted by galileo31dos01.

  1. The Plutonia Experiment, MAP11
  2. Rush, MAP08
  3. Alien Vendetta, MAP14
  4. Castle of Eternal Carrot in the Sky
  5. Perdition's Gate, MAP07
  6. Frozen Time
  7. Orange is True Love, MAP01
  8. Kama Sutra, MAP04
  9. Heretic, E2M2
  10. Estranged, MAP30
  11. Sigma
  12. Dark Scythe, MAP23
  13. Chex Quest, E1M5
  14. Demonic Destruction!, MAP05
  15. Jenesis, MAP29
  16. 3 Heures d'Agonie 2, MAP10
  17. Survive in Hell, MAP23
  18. Number One Kill The Next Generation, MAP11
  19. Triple-Play
  20. Water Spirit, MAP01
  21. Da Will, MAP01
  22. The Abyss, MAP31
  23. Love You With Poison
  24. Unwelcome, MAP03
  25. The Realm of Parthoris, E1M9

12th Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. E2M3 Refinery from Doom
  2. MAP21 Hausterium from Revolution!
  3. MAP31 Vorticon from Doom 2 The Way Id Did
  4. MAP17 Metastasize from Community Chest 4
  5. MAP30 It from Memento Mori 2
  6. Vrack 2b
  7. Disturbia
  8. MAP17 Watch Your Step from Doom 64
  9. Arcadia Demade
  10. E2A10 Arcanum from Adventures of Square
  11. MAP21 Watch Your Step from Doom 64 in Doom II
  12. MAP15 Crumbling Necropolis from NOVA II
  13. MAP20 Beneath the Waves of Styx from Sunder
  14. MAP04 Gulch from Enigma Episode
  15. MAP02 The Scorpion from Erkattanne
  16. MAP02 from Chosen
  17. E3M9 Savage Area from The Evil Unleashed
  18. MAP09 Vancouver from Sacrament
  19. E1M6 The Bastions of Eternal Winter from Sold Soul
  20. Saturnine Chapel
  21. MAP09 The Nexus from Titan
  22. MAP07 from Sawdust
  23. MAP05 Edgewalk from Grid 32
  24. MAP23 A Tribute to E1M3 from 1337.wad
  25. MAP14 Doomed District from Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (Boom-compatible wad)

13th Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP15 Dead Zone from TNT: Evilution
  2. MAP31 Wolf 3D from Mars War
  3. MAP08 Geryon from Master Levels
  4. MAP32 Zoo from The Rebirth
  5. MAP25 Hellucination from Zone 300
  6. MAP06 Deep Down Below from The Trooper's Playground
  7. E3M5 Forgotten Caverns from No End in Sight
  8. Z1M2 Nuclear Plant from Knee Deep in ZDoom
  9. SQUARES by Costa Lappas
  10. MAP01 El Passo from A Fistful of Doom
  11. MAP19 Remind from Japanese Community Project
  12. MAP07 The Flooded Base from Dark Covenant
  13. E1M4b Phobos Mission Control
  14. Lullaby
  15. E2M6 Magnus Avenue from REKKR
  16. Helpyourselfish
  17. MAP02 Gravitown from Gravity
  18. E4M8 Emancipation of Mimi from Death Tormention 3
  19. E1M9 Slipgates from Mapgame
  20. MAP29 The Fountain from Realm of Chaos
  21. MAP28 Formula 666 from 3x3: Take Two
  22. TAT26 Corridor of Doom from Dark Tartarus
  23. Town of Witchcraft / E1M4 of Heretic Treasure Chest
  24. MAP05 Planet from Junko
  25. MAP01 evildog2.wad from Heroes 2

14th Edition[edit]

Hosted by galileo31dos01.

  1. No Rest for the Living, MAP07
  2. Resurgence, MAP27
  3. STRAIN, MAP08
  4. Back to Saturn X, E1M7
  5. Violence, MAP02
  6. Cydonia, MAP06
  7. Fruit Salad, MAP02
  8. The Talosian Incident, MAP01
  9. Disjunction, MAP09
  10. Arrival, MAP02
  11. Kick Attack!
  12. Ave Exitium
  13. Elysion
  14. Ol' No Name, MAP03
  15. Doom 2 The Way ID Did, MAP19
  16. Travelling to the Moon
  17. Harmony, MAP05
  18. Adonis: Escape from Urania, MAP31
  19. Recant
  20. Congestion 1024, MAP25
  21. Nightomb
  22. Port Glacia
  23. 32 Hours in Pain, MAP13
  24. Inferno, E3M1
  25. Horalky

15th Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. E4M3 Sever the Wicked from Ultimate Doom
  2. MAP14 City in the Clouds from Hell Revealed
  3. MAP14 Downriver from Community Chest 4
  4. MAP10 Anarchist Dream from HacX
  5. MAP31 Devastation from Kama Sutra
  6. MAP05 Miss Susie's Steamboat from Boaty McBoatwad
  7. MAP23 In Flight from Sunlust
  8. The Given
  9. MAP08 10 Secrets from SlayeR
  10. MAP07 Identity Check from Newdoom Community Project
  11. E1M6 Don't Go Into The Light from Absolutely Killed
  12. MAP29 The Way to God's Manna from Cyberdreams
  13. MAP19 Darkseed from Newdoom Community Project 2
  14. MAP04 You Are Pablo Picasso from TurboCharged ARCADE!
  15. Sheer Poison
  16. MAP09 Temple del Sol from Ray Mohawk 2
  17. MAP08 Ice Cavern from Whitemare
  18. MAP06 Surfer Motherfuckers from Mandrill Ass Project
  19. MAP24 The Riddle from Zones of Fear
  20. Europa 1
  21. MAP01 from The Legend of Doom
  22. E1M6 Stomping Grounds from The Wayfarer
  23. MAP32 The Super Secret Level from Doom 2 Reloaded
  24. Awakening by NaturalTvventy
  25. MAP11 Nothing to see here... from Clippyworld: An Unexpected Journey

31st Edition[edit]

A whimsically renumbered edition to follow the typical order of a Doom 2 megawad, having a theme of "secrets". Hosted by galileo31dos01.

  1. Memento Mori, MAP31
  2. Dawn of the Dead, E1M9
  3. Tangerine Nightmare, MAP10
  4. Ancient Aliens, MAP32
  5. Plutonia 2, MAP31
  6. D2TWID, MAP33
  7. Eternal Doom, credits map
  8. Revolution! or TVR! midi pack, MAP33
  9. 50 Shades of Graytall, MAP18
  10. Switcheroom, E2M9
  11. Hellevator, MAP31
  12. Batman Doom, MAP31
  13. PSX Doom, MAP58
  14. Stardate20x6, MAP31
  15. Uprising, MAP31
  16. Doom: Damnation, E3M9

32nd Edition[edit]

Fire theme, referring to "blaze" on the congratulatory text preceeding Doom2 map32. Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP29 Fire Walk With Me from Alien Vendetta
  2. MAP22 You Shall Not Pass! from Deus Vult II
  3. MAP28 The Spirit World from Doom II
  4. MAP19 Rose Inferno from Swift Death
  5. MAP19 Flood of Fire from Demonfear
  6. MAP21 from Newgothic Movement I
  7. MAP31 Scorching Flames from Struggle
  8. MAP10 Caverns of Darkness from Caverns of Darkness
  9. E3M2 Torture Town from Incineration
  10. MAP12 The Hellforge from Demon Eclipse

16th Edition[edit]

Earth/grass/wood theme. Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP15 Industrial Zone from Doom 2
  2. MAP25 Forgotten City from Scythe 2
  3. MAP04 Hangman's Paradise from Vanguard
  4. MAP07 Nessus from Master Levels
  5. MAP28 Poison Ivy from Claustrophobia 1024
  6. MAP02 Garden of the Descent from Congestion 1024
  7. MAP01 Ambush from The Artifact
  8. Tantrum 2
  9. Doom Raider: Crypt of the Vile
  10. MAP26 Heresy from Unholy Realms
  11. MAP11 Stalker from Coffee Break
  12. MAP02 Gloam from Phocas Island 2
  13. MAP10 The Green Mind from Haste
  14. MAP12 Rawnwood from 1994 Tune-up Community Project
  15. Unhallowed (galileo, tonytheparrot, Shepardus)
  16. MAP07 Children of the Corn from Hellfire: Reborn
  17. MAP02 Ghost Village from VooDoo Guns
  18. MAP02 Acid Jungle from Paradise
  19. MAP01 Happy Gardens from Doom: The Golden Souls
  20. MAP10 Base Eclaire from DBP45: Vrack Botanicals
  21. MAP13 The Living Maze from Cygnus IV
  22. Ruins of Sathryn by Endless
  23. Inside the Deku Tree
  24. MAP04 Doomed Monument by Katamori from Doomworld Mega Project 2015
  25. E2M2 Narita Estate from Abysm 2: Spirit Falcon

17th Edition[edit]

Hosted by galileo31dos01.

  1. Criticality
  2. Icarus: Alien Vanguard, MAP18
  3. Doom, E1M5
  4. Hellbound, MAP29
  5. Moonlit District, MAP07
  6. Deus Vult II, MAP03
  7. Bloody Steel, MAP08
  8. Enigma of Sector Sigma, MAP03
  9. Sunlust, MAP11
  10. Coffee Break, MAP07
  11. 5till L1 Complex
  12. Reliving the End
  13. Fragport, MAP02
  14. The Last Sanctuary
  15. Witness of Time, MAP06
  16. Brutana
  17. Heretic, E3M1
  18. The Beginning of the End Part 2, E3M4
  19. The Hive
  20. Crimson Canyon, MAP05
  21. Absolute Dishonor, MAP04
  22. Xmas Doom, MAP01
  23. No Quarter
  24. Kurogane
  25. Damnation Awaits the Wicked

18th Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. Doom2 Map14 Homage (TWM01.wad)
  2. MAP21 Pitfalls from Doom 64
  3. E2A5 Wild Bleu Yonder from The Adventures of Square
  4. MAP11 The Tower from Epic 2
  5. MAP23 The Express Elevator to Hell 2 from Doom 2 Unleashed
  6. MAP32 Duality from TNT: Revilution
  7. MAP30 Alter Life from A.L.T.
  8. MAP01 Sun/Moon/Stars from Stardate 20x7
  9. E3M7 What Stares back from Deadly Standards 3
  10. MAP21 Crunch! from 10 Sectors
  11. MAP12 Liquidation from Skulldash
  12. E2M6 Vulture's Point from Faithless: Trilogy
  13. MAP29 Earth Siege from Vile Flesh
  14. MAP17 Diabolism from Plutonium Winds
  15. MAP17 Starship Prosirena from Bella II
  16. MAP04 Mos Denra Star Port from The Darkest Hour
  17. You Dig
  18. MAP13 Domain of Asudem from Temple of the Lizard Men 3
  19. E3M7 Sheol's Descent from Doom the Way Id Did: The Lost Episodes
  20. MAP01 Entering Zaero from Zaero: Episode 1
  21. E2M1 Landing Pads from Aliens TC
  22. MAP76 Mostly Harmless from Rabbit's All-comers Mapping Project
  23. Industrial by Magikal
  24. MAP07 One to Die For
  25. Torture by Christopher Lutz

19th Edition[edit]

Hosted by galileo31dos01.

  1. Lost Civilization, MAP11
  2. Miasma
  3. Plutonia Revisited, MAP18
  4. Disjunction, MAP08
  5. Hell to Pay, MAP14
  6. Scythe, MAP02
  7. Mars War, MAP21
  8. Three's a Crowd, MAP32
  9. Infection, MAP04
  10. Newdoom Community Project, MAP28
  11. Alien Vendetta, MAP09
  12. Requiem, MAP24
  13. Doom 2 In Name Only, MAP06
  14. Spectrum, E3M3
  15. Bifrost

20th Edition[edit]

Sequels theme. Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP03 Main Engineering from Doom 64
  2. MAP02 The Feeding Pit from Memento Mori II
  3. MAP10 Meatball Madness from Doom 2 The Way We Remember It
  4. MAP05 Elixir from Community Chest 2
  5. MAP23 Poison Ivy II from Speed of Doom
  6. MAP10 Plasmorgasm from The Darkening Episode 2
  7. MAP26 Dis 2000 from Hell Revealed II
  8. MAP10 Facility from The Twilight Zone II
  9. MAP13 Inside Your Head from Whitemare 2
  10. MAP17 Sole Survivor from Cleimos 2
  11. MAP07 from Vae Victus 2
  12. MAP25 Parasite Hive from NOVA 2: New Dawn
  13. MAP04 Rapid Fire from Combat Shock 2
  14. Jägermörder 2: Terra Nova
  15. E4M8 Palace of Destruction from Thy Flesh turned into a draft-excluder
  16. MAP08 The Demon Rush from MAYhem 2013
  17. MAP07 Woodheart from Eternally Yours
  18. E2M1 Outpost Lima Charlie from Deadly Standards 2
  19. MAP11 Misri Halek Pt. II from DBP23: Evil Egypt
  20. HF1M8 The Hellforge from Hell-Forged

21st Edition[edit]

Hosted by NuMetalManiak.

  1. MAP01 Hanger from Phobos
  2. MAP29 Temple of Fear from Hell Revealed
  3. MAP19 NME from Plutonia
  4. MAP31 Creepy from Zone 300
  5. MAP24 Crushed Spirits from Doom 2 The Way Id Did
  6. MAP50 Lost City from Pirate Doom
  7. MAP15 Doomherolandia from Slaughterfest 2012
  8. MAP32 Ultimative Geheimnis from Whispers of Satan
  9. E5M1 The Mighty Green from 2002: A Doom Odyssey
  10. MAP29 Deep Space 9mm from NOVA III
  11. MAP20 Technodrome from Community Chest
  12. MAP03 Paranoia from Hell Ground
  13. MAP31 Echoes Redux from Anomaly Report
  14. Escape from Castle Chezcrea
  15. E1M5 Computer Core from Ultimate NMD
  16. Oniria
  17. Xenomorph 'The Complex'
  18. MAP01 Levenbrech from Alien Vendetta: Black Label
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