Gunnery Sergeant Goforth


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Gunnery Sergeant Goforth or Gunny Goforth is the Gunnery Sergeant on the Mars Base in the first of the Doom novels, 'Knee-Deep in the Dead'.

He is from the South of the USA and is known for his crack-shot abilities with his sniper rifle.

On the second page of Chapter 7, Flynn Taggart encounters Goforth as a zombie walking toward him down a corridor and this quote says: 'The failing light made it difficult to make out skin tones; but the smooth, purposeful way he walked made me think he couldn't be a zombie'.

On the next page of the novel, Goforth raises his rifle to Taggart and fires. This shows Taggart that Goforth is a zombie.

Goforth turns out to be the most challenging zombie to kill.

Taggart notices that Goforth is the only zombie who can show any signs of humanity by blinking. This is an important piece of text.

Taggart kills Goforth with a Riot Gun and states: 'It was the biggest mess I'd made on this godforsaken rock of a moon so far. The splatter was some sort of an artistic statement'.

Afterwards, Taggart realizes that he was laughing and this shows him that he enjoyed killing Goforth and subconsciously hated Goforth.