H. Feiner

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"Welcome to Mars. First time?"
― H. Feiner [source]
H. Feiner





Unknown (most likely dead)

Only appearance

Mars City

H. Feiner was the receptionist at Mars City during the events of Doom 3. He was responsible for greeting and checking in all new arrivals. When the Player first arrives at Mars City, Feiner gives the Player a PDA and then informs him that Sergeant Kelly is waiting for him at Marine Command. Feiner then goes to work typing up a report. If you hover over his shoulder and look at what he's writing, he will write in his report that you are being very rude and are reading everything he types.

He is not seen again when you return to Mars City after the demonic invasion. He was presumably killed or turned into a zombie.


If you examine H. Feiner's computer and watch what he types you will see:

New Report

I have processed all incoming personnel from flight 4409. PDA was issued to the marine on board and I sent him directly to Marine Command at Sergeant Kelly's request. The other 2 UAC reps were sent to the conference room at Betruger's request.


I would also like to add that this new transfer is exceedingly rude. He has hovered over me reading everything I type. STOP IT