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This article gives technical information about the Hacx data file. For gameplay information and walkthroughs, see Hacx.

HACX.WAD is the IWAD used by Hacx.

The Hacx WAD v1.2 is 19 321 722 bytes in size, contains 2784 entries, and has the following hashes:

MD5 65ed74d522bdf6649c2831b13b9e02b4
SHA-1 9fd331b9d53006af1884e89eaeb97b17b8572b71
CRC-32 72e3b8ac

Older versions[edit]

Version Size (bytes) MD5 hash sum SHA-1 hash sum
1.1 22 102 300 b7fd2f43f3382cf012dc6b097a3cb182 1125a16243d1e1d5259e0f387d955382432f1424
1.0 21 951 805 1511a7032ebc834a3884cf390d7f186e dc6df745e342eaea325677a40184e10cbc6629d7

Hacx 2.0[edit]

Hacx 2.0, currently being developed, reuses the same file name.

Version Size (bytes) Entries MD5 hash sum SHA-1 hash sum CRC-32
2.0r61 51 079 920 3882 793f07ebadb3d7353ee5b6b6429d9afa bae5769b52f39e3461cf0fbcaffc4bf1e805107d 19d1bb98
2.0r58 39 504 485 3413 ad8db94ef3bdb8522f57d4c5b3b92bd7 d5cb3d93345b2eb33e9fd4ec45fa6c87e59732ee 80b881c3

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