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Hack modules were consumable multiplayer perks in Doom (2016) which functioned as a part of a player's loadout, with up to four hack modules being selectable at one time. Hack modules were unlocked randomly through multiplayer game play and came in three tiers—bronze, silver, and gold—reflecting the strength of their effects. Hack modules were so-named due to the conceit which serves as the explanation for the multiplayer mode's existence (that is, that the deathmatches take place inside a UAC virtual reality battle simulator).

Hack modules were divided into three categories: awareness, for modules which increase a player's alertness or reaction to nearby threats and benefits; boost, for modules which increase the player's health, armor, statistics, or abilities; and wallhack, for modules which allow awareness of normally hidden information such as the locations and activities of allies or opponents, regardless of their physical locations.

The hack module mechanic was retired in update 6.66 and has been replaced with a new, non-consumable version of the single-player campaign's rune system, which have effects similar to those previously possessed by select hack modules.[1]

Hack module details[edit]

Module name Category Effect Bronze Silver Gold Equivalent rune
Alarm Awareness Alerts player of nearby enemies 60s 90s 120s None
Evasion Awareness Run faster when damage is taken 60s 90s 120s Evasion
Magnet Awareness Increase pickup radius for 120 seconds 2x radius 3x radius 4x radius Magnet
Speed Demon Awareness Move faster near a demon for 120 seconds 50m radius 75m radius 100m radius Demon Tracker
Supply Timer Awareness Displays respawn timers on pickups 60s 90s 120s Magnet
Vital Signs Awareness Displays enemies' health 60s 90s 120s Vital Signs
Armor Plating Boost Spawn with increased armor with each respawn +5 armor +8 armor +10 armor Armor Plating
Blast Shield Boost Reduces self-damage for 120 seconds 50% reduction 75% reduction 100% reduction Armor Plating
Bounty Boost Gain additional experience for each kill +50 XP +75 XP +100 XP Bounty
Infinite Ammo Boost Unlimited ammo for loadout weapons 60s 90s 120s None
Osmosis Boost Gain bonus experience for teammates' kills +20 XP +30 XP +40 XP None
Reinforce Boost Spawn with armor following a life without any kills +50 armor +75 armor +100 armor None
Stockpile Boost Reduce equipment cooldown timer 25% reduction 40% reduction 50% reduction Scout
Wingman Boost Gain bonus experience when collaborating on a kill +50 XP +75 XP +100 XP Bounty
Blood Trail Wallhack Track wounded enemies 2s 3s 4s Blood Trail
Counter-Intel Wallhack Reveal any enemies tracking your position 60s 90s 120s None
Demon Tracker Wallhack Reveal demons In-view Anywhere on map Remaining HP is displayed Demon Tracker
Manhunt Wallhack Track the top enemy 100 XP 200 XP 300 XP None
Power Seeker Wallhack Track the nearest power-up or power weapon 60s 90s 120s Power Seeker
Retribution Wallhack Reveal the location of your killer Location Health Highlight when attacking Retribution
Scout Wallhack Briefly reveal all enemies when player spawns 60s 90s 120s Scout
Synchronization Wallhack Show location and health of allies Location Health Highlight when attacking Vital Signs


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