Half-Life ZDoom

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Half-Life ZDoom
Title screen
Author Jeremy Stepp
Port ZDoom
Year 2007
Link ModDB

Half-Life ZDoom is a partially-completed ZDoom partial conversion released in 2007 by Jeremy Stepp. It includes Half-Life's enemies, weapons, textures, and remakes some of the game's levels using ACS and ZDoom slopes. New sprites are created by capturing the original 3D models at multiple angles and converting the images to Doom's palette. The Doom marine is replaced by Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist in the Half-Life universe. A new custom status bar shows the face of Gordon Freeman without his trademark black-rimmed glasses.

MAP01-06 and MAP10 are only completed levels in the PWAD. Secret level MAP10 is a Duke Nukem 3D remake populated with Half-Life enemies.

According to a comment on the project's ModDB page, the author passed away before project completion.[1] The last preview demo was uploaded on April 23, 2007.



Gordon Freeman and scientist in the Black Mesa lunch room
  • MAP01: Anomalous Materials
  • MAP02: Unforseen Consequences
  • MAP03: Processing
  • MAP04: Area 6
  • MAP05: Crossfire
  • MAP06: The Warehouse
  • MAP07: Reactor CoreI
  • MAP08: XenI
  • MAP09: DrainageI
  • MAP10: Hollywood Holocaust

I. ^  incomplete level.


  • Alien slave
  • Alien Grunt
  • Alien Controller
  • Bullsquid
  • Headcrab
  • Houndeye
  • Human Grunt
  • Gonarch
  • Nihilanth
  • Zombie


  • Scientist
  • Security Guard


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