Halls of the Damned (Doom 2016)

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Doom (2016) classic levels
Halls of the Damned (Doom 2016)

Halls of the Damned is a classic level from Doom (2016). It is a recreation of Doom's E2M6: Halls of the Damned that includes enemies from the later game, but retains the original game's pickup and decoration sprites.

This level is unlocked after finding one of its rooms hidden in the Argent Energy Tower stage. Once unlocked, the full level can be played from the "Classic Maps" tab in the Campaign menu.



In this level you start with the pistol, chainsaw, combat shotgun, chaingun, plasma rifle and rocket launcher.

Head forward to collect a rocket launcher (for more ammo) then turn around to see a silver door behind you which conceals a cacodemon guarding a skull switch. Hit the switch then return to the starting point to find that a wall has opened leading to a hallway. Enter it and turn right to go outside, then head towards some small green pillars that you can see in front of you to find a button that will raise a platform leading to a berserk pack - try not to collect the item yet as it is time-limited and you will want it later. Stepping on the berserk ledge will lower the brown floor you just walked over into a nukage pool; walk through the nukage to find that a tunnel has opened on the left side leading to a platform with two medikits, then continue following the tunnel until you reach a switch behind three more medikits. Flip the switch, go back and collect the berserk if you have not already done so then run straight forward through the nukage to get back to the passage near the starting area. Go into the left-hand opening and look left to see a locked exit door in front of you; there is a second door to the right that leads into the halls of the damned.

Kill the three possessed soldiers in front of you then turn left at the first junction to find a passage leading to a shotgun and the blue skull key - approaching it will open a closet behind you containing a pinky, and a second closet close by with two more pinkies. Head back to the main hallway and continue on until you see two doorways on the left either side of a brown wall - go through the first doorway and turn left, then right between two metal columns to find another pinky waiting for you. Go past it and walk between two satyr lamps then look right to see a door leading to an area with green walls, where you will be set upon by soldiers followed by another pinky and imps. From the door take the first right and follow the path until you can turn left, then turn left again to find the red skull key in a dead-end.

Backtrack to the main hallway, watching out for any more imps that have been released, then follow it to the very end where you will see two doors with candelabras next to them; both doors lead past soldiers and an imp to a button that will open the wall opposite it, revealing another imp that tries to bludgeon you. Follow the corridor past the imp to a crossroads with four exits then turn right to see a white door with a couple of imps behind it; go round the vine-covered wall in front of you to find the yellow skull key being guarded by a cacodemon, then head back to the crossroads where three alcoves holding imps and lost souls will open. With all three keys, backtrack to the locked exit door you saw earlier and open it, then open the next two doors behind it to find the exit button.

Other points of interest[edit]

When entering the blue key area, go through the second entrance and head straight forward. There is a pinky on your left guarding a blue megaarmor pickup.


  1. On entering the crossroads, turn left to see another door ahead and go through it to an area with a chaingun that is protected by imps and a demon. To re-open the door to this room you must press the button at the far end; watch out for a crushing ceiling on the way out.
  2. On entering the crossroads, go into the passage just to your left to find a door leading to an octagonal room. Step on the raised platform in the middle to get a green armor pickup, and trigger an ambush by lost souls and a cacodemon.
  3. After getting the yellow key, return to the crossroads and turn right to find a winding corridor leading to an exit door. Go through here and flip the "exit" switch; it is a fake and will drop you into an ambush by six soldiers and a cacodemon. You can leave the area by going forward and entering the door on your left, but first look behind the red column on your right to find a supercharge (AKA mega health).


  • The switch that opens the pinky closets near the blue key has been removed, forcing players to enter the trap to collect it.
  • After finding the blue key, you can open the metal wall in the closet that opens behind you. In the original level this wall concealed a chainsaw, but it is empty here.