Hammer of Retribution

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The player fighting several dark bishops in Heresiarch's Seminary with the Hammer of Retribution.

The Hammer of Retribution is a weapon from Hexen, the Fighter's third weapon. It is a massive, short-handled hammer from which magical flaming hammers can be thrown when supplied with green mana, at a cost of three units per shot. The real hammer never leaves the fighter's hand, and multiple missiles can be in the air at a time. The projectiles are very powerful, cause fire-based damage, and explode on impact, damaging all monsters within a 128-unit radius. This splash damage does not harm the player, however, so it is safe to keep using this weapon even when enemies are closing to melee range. If an enemy takes a direct hit from the hammer's missile, he may receive damage twice in succession: once from the impact of the missile at 10-80 points, and again a moment later from the splash damage at up to 128 points.

If swung within a range of 96 units to a wall or shootable thing, or if the player has run out of green mana, the weapon will not fire a projectile and will instead pound its target in melee with no ammo requirement. This attack is slower but slightly more damaging than Timon's Axe, dealing 60-123 points of damage, and can knock enemies away from the player slightly. Dormant enemies can also be pushed by the hammer's blows, though they will not take damage. In the absence of green mana, it is wise to switch over to Timon's Axe or the spiked gauntlets as their greater speed makes them more suited to extensive melee combat.


Appearance statistics[edit]

In the IWADs the Hammer of Retribution is first encountered on these maps per skill level:

The IWADs contain the following numbers of Hammers of Retribution per skill level:

Weapons from Hexen
Slot 1 2 3 4
Baratus (Fighter) Spiked gauntlets Timon's Axe Hammer of Retribution Quietus
Parias (Cleric) Mace of Contrition Serpent staff Firestorm Wraithverge
Daedolon (Mage) Sapphire wand Frost shards Arc of Death Bloodscourge