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Harry Teasley is an artist and designer who worked on Doom for Sony PlayStation and Doom 64 during his time at Williams Entertainment and Midway Games. Though involved with both projects, he is only credited for the former as he left Midway before the release of Doom 64.[1][2]


Harry first learned of Doom directly from Sandy Petersen, a personal friend with whom he had worked at MicroProse, and became a self-described fanatic.[1] He states that due to his heavy involvement with Doom playing and editing, his participation in the Williams/Midway projects was a natural fit. He was involved with graphics and level design for both games, with one of his primary responsibilities being the redesign of textures and sprites for the PlayStation game's different resolution and memory limitations.

After leaving Midway, Harry went on to work at Shiny Entertainment, and then eventually Valve, where he was involved with the design of Half-Life. Harry confirms the strong influence of Doom on the game and its designers, particularly in their desire to create an environment capable of frightening players.[1]


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