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Hatred (a.k.a. Hatedaddy) is a former competitive Doom 2 player and current level designer under Ru5ty Sh4ck Productions.


Hatred has been involved in the DooM community since 2004, having been a member of [SIN] and he is currently a member of JKist3's inactive clan New School [NS]. Hatred has competed in various LANs, tournaments, and leagues, including the ZDaemon Duel League and the International Doom League. In spring of 2020 Hatred became a council board member for the Multiplayer Doom Federation, where he conducts competitive monthly tournaments. Additionally, in the summer of 2020, Hatred returned to competitive play in the World Doom League's Summer 2020 season where he was drafted by the DemonSlayers (DMS).

In the late summer of 2020, Hatred joined Ru5ty Sh4ck Productions lead by long-term associate and friend Ru5tK1ng. Hatred has worked with Ru5tK1ng on various projects dating back to their shared time in clan [SIN], including Eon DM and Progressive Duels 2 and 3. Hatred continues to work under Ru5ty Sh4ck Productions on pending projects.



  • LANada Round Robin Tournament: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
    • Second Place (L 1-2 v.s. DevastatioN)


  • atLANTica Round Robin Tournament: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    • First Place (W 2-1 v.s. DevastatioN)
  • ZDaemon Duel League Season 1 Participant
    • Did not finish


  • ZDaemon Duel League Season 3 Play-offs
    • 3rd Place (W 2-1 v.s. Metalhead)


  • International Doom League 2010 Summer Participant
    • Drafted 2nd by DMR (Doomraiders); traded to EBL (Electric Bills)
    • Finished 2nd Place (L 0-2 v.s. Beserker Packers; MasterBowl VIII)


  • International Doom League 2011 Winter Participant
    • Captain for Electric Bills
    • Finished in wildcard playoffs (L 3-2 v.s. SuperChargers)
  • ZDaemon Duel League Season 4 Play-offs
    • 4th place (L v.s. 2-3 DevastatioN in 3rd-Place Match)
  • International Doom League 2011 Summer Participant
    • Captain for Electric Bills
    • Did not qualify for postseason


  • International Doom League 2012 Winter Participant
    • Captain for Super Shotgun Spurs
    • Finished 1st Place (W 2-0 v.s. Brokeback Cowboys; Masterbowl XI)
  • International Doom League 2012 Summer Participant
    • Captain for Super Shotgun Spurs
    • Did not finish season


  • International Doom League 2015 Participant
    • Drafted by KGB (Killingbrowns)
    • Did not qualify for postseason


  • World Doom League Summer 2020 Participant
    • Drafted by DMS (DemonSlayers)
    • Did not qualify for postseason


  • US ProgDuel3 TDM 2v2 Tournament January 2021 Participant
    • Team [NIL] with Ru5tK1ng
    • Finished 2nd place (L 3-2 v.s. [PNF] Dragon, Dsparil)
  • Vengeance III participant on Zandronum
    • Drafted by Stall for team Boomers and the Zoomer (BNZ; Stall(C), HateDaddy, ExWiz, Ion)
    • Lost in first round of play-offs (L 1-3 v.s. PK3; Dragon(C), Tobi, Chaindude, im1hpu0)
  • World Doom League Summer 2021 Captain
    • Captained Electric Bills (drafted Ru5tK1ng, Xenaero, and Asriel)
    • Lost in first round of play-offs (L 0-3-1 v.s. RIP; Stall(C), Skullrush, Dragon, Saltmine)
  • QuakeCon 2021 Participant for DooM2 (Odamex Team 2v2v2 Last Man Standing) Participant
    • Team [GE] with DevastatioN
    • Finished 1st place (W 3-1-1 vs =DBAB= Ru5tK1ng/Strangle; =ADAD= Dew/KingDime)

Level designer[edit]