Health station


For the SnapMap object, see Health dispenser. For other versions of this item, see:
The health station as it appears in the Codex.
The Doom marine uses a health station.

The health station is a device in Doom (2016) which allows the Doom marine to fully restore his health.

Health stations take the form of white wall-mounted cylinders - if the marine approaches a health station and is below maximum health, it will open and reveal a pair of gray rings (known as the "ministration sleeve"). The marine can then insert his right arm into the rings, upon which they will close and administer healing. There is no apparent limit on the number of times a health station can be used.

The first health station is found in Resource Operations, in the same locker room as the chainsaw; following this they can be found in all UAC facilities. Health stations are marked on the automap with a health symbol.


Health stations were created as a successor to health packs. When a person's arm is inserted into the ministration sleeve, the station performs a microscopic atomic-force scan on the subject before administering a nanobot package that targets cellular deficiencies. Chem-clusters are then dosed to the patient to stimulate rapid recovery.

The Codex states that some users experience light-headedness after using the health station. This can be cured by reusing the station as many times as needed.