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Title screen
Author Paul DeBruyne
Port Eternity Engine
Year 2021
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2021 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Heartland is an eight-level partial conversion developed exclusively for the Eternity Engine, created by Paul DeBruyne (skillsaw). It features extensive use of EDF, in order to provide an enhanced roster of enemies and weapons. Most of the new monsters are adapted from the Realm 667 "Beastiary", and the new overhaul weapons are provided by Xaser. Heartland also introduces several changes which are: smooth animations, new weapon sounds, rocket trails, and blood effects. It also uses the custom texture set OTEX. All music for this WAD is composed by Stuart Rynn (stewboy).

The first release candidate of the WAD came out on March 4, 2021. The final version of the WAD was released on March 25, 2021 and subsequently uploaded to /idgames archive. On December 10 it received one of that year's Cacowards.


New monsters[edit]

An imp-like creature with 80 health points that shoots bursts of fire projectiles from their flamethrower at the player and drops a grenade when you kill them, unless you gib them first, that will explode in a couple of seconds, potentially hurting nearby enemies.
Mix of baron of Hell and cyberdemon that has 500 health points and shoot rockets while also being immune to splash damage, making rockets less effective against it.
Rocket Zombie
Possessed humans that shoot single rockets with their rocket launcher at the player, but with only 30 health points they are easy to kill.
Suicide Bomber
A black-clad zombie with 45 health points and a stick of dynamite that seeks out the player and explodes when getting close; he'll also explode when the player kills them, potentially hurting nearby enemies.
A floating, squelching monster with 70 health points, that shoots a green, ring-like projectile at the player and often attacks in large groups.

New weapons[edit]

Fire Axe
A bigger and better version of the fist. Has a longer range and deals more damage. It replaces the chainsaw.
Dual Pistol
A pair of pistols with a higher fire rate. The player can use this weapon after they find a second pistol.
Submachine Gun
A SMG with fire rate and damage almost identical to the chaingun. It also replaces that weapon.
Dual SMG
A pair of SMGs with a really high fire rate, satisfying to use against smaller enemies, and great for stunlocking larger ones. Be aware that double the SMG means double the ammo used. Same as the dual pistol, this weapon is only useable after the player finds a second SMG.
A weapon with short range, and it hurts the player if used too close to a wall or monsters. It replaces the plasma gun.
Cluster Bomb Launcher
Shoots a cluster of bombs that detonate when impacting walls or monsters. It replaces the BFG9000.

New items[edit]

Orange Armor
Increases the player's armor by 50 percent.
Increases the player's health by 50 percent.

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