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Title screen
Author Paul DeBruyne
Port Eternity Engine
Year 2021
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2021 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Heartland is an eight-level partial conversion developed exclusively for the Eternity Engine, created by Paul DeBruyne (skillsaw). It was first released on the Doomworld forums March 4, 2021, with the final release being uploaded to the idgames archive on March 25, 2021. The WAD makes extensive use of EDF in order to provide an enhanced roster of enemies and weapons. The new monsters are adapted from the Realm 667 "Beastiary", while coding for the new overhaul weapons was provided by Xaser. Heartland also includes several smaller changes such as smooth animations, new weapon sounds, rocket trails, and blood effects. It uses the OTEX texture pack and features a custom soundtrack composed by Stuart Rynn (stewboy).

Heartland was awarded one of the 2021 Cacowards.


New monsters[edit]

An imp-like creature with 80 health points that attacks the player by shooting bursts of six fire projectiles in a curve-like spread from its flamethrower that do 3–24 damage each. When killed, it drops a grenade, unless it is gibbed, that will explode after about three seconds, doing 16 points of blast damage within a range of 16 map units as well as shooting out a ring of 18 fire projectiles of the same type as shot by the Catharsi from its flamethrower.
Mix of Hell knight and cyberdemon that has 500 health points and shoot rockets in bursts of three while also being immune to splash damage, making rockets less effective against it. It has a melee attack similar to that of the baron of Hell but with an increased attack speed.
Rocket zombie
A former human with 30 hit points that shoots single rockets from his rocket launcher and is immune to splash damage.
Suicide bomber
A black-clad zombie with 45 health points and a stick of dynamite that seeks out the player and explodes when getting close; he will also explode when the player or a monster kills him. His melee attack calls A_Detonate twice in a row, doing 120 blast damage within a radius of 60 map units.
A floating, squelching monster with 70 health points that often attacks in large groups, and shoots a green, ring-like projectile at the player that does 4–32 damage.

The lost soul's health has been reduced from 100 to 40, making it possible to kill it with a single shotgun blast, while the chaingunner will drop clips when killed instead of chainguns.

New weapons[edit]

Fire axe
A bigger and better version of the fist. Has a longer range (96 versus 64 map units) and deals more damage (10–100 versus 2-20). It can be further buffed by the berserk pack (picking up berserk pack also switches to the fire axe), multiplying its damage by a factor of 5. It replaces the chainsaw.
Dual pistol
A pair of pistols that double the rate of fire compared to the single pistol (which is already slightly faster than the vanilla pistol). The player can use this weapon by finding a second pistol. It has perfect accuracy (just like the single pistol).
Submachine gun
An SMG with fire rate and damage identical to that of the chaingun. It also replaces that weapon.
Dual SMG
A pair of SMGs with double the fire rate of the single SMG, making it very effective against weaker enemies and able to stunlock larger foes, but also consumes ammo twice as fast. The weapon pick-up automatically gifts the player two SMGs, meaning it is not necessary to find the single SMG first; however, to be able to switch to a single SMG, the player needs to have found it as well.
A flamethrower with a short-to-medium range that shoots out a stream of flames that continue to burn once they impact with an obstacle, doing blast damage to the surroundings. A flame's death animations lasts for about 1.25 seconds (44 tics), during which time it will trigger A_DetonateEx six times in a row, doing five points of damage within a range 64 map units. Every other explosion frame is also set to damage the player if they are in range. It replaces the plasma gun.
Cluster bomb launcher
Shoots a rocket that will explode upon impact and spawn a cluster of up to twelve bombs that explode when hitting the ground, doing additional area-of-effect damage (64 damage in a 128 radius). It consumes five rockets per shot and replaces the BFG9000.

There are several tweaks to the ammo carrying capacity of the player. The player can carry 50% more bullets: 300 (600 with a backpack). The number of bullets in some pickups has also been increased by 50%, with a clip placed on the ground gifting the player 15 bullets instead of the usual 10, and an ammo box containing 75 instead of just 50. However, a clip dropped by a zombie will only contain five bullets and a second pistol has ten bullets. Also, the SMG will come with 30 bullets, while a second one will only yield 20 bullets.
Energy cells and energy cell packs have been replaced with fuel canisters and fuel tanks, and the maximum carrying capacity has been decreased to 200 (400 with a backpack). The ammo granted is halved compared with cells. A fuel canister contains ten, a fuel tank 50, and a flamethrower will come with only 20 fuel.

New items[edit]

Orange armor
Increases the player's armor to 50. The armor will absorb half of all damage received.
Increases the player's health by 50 percent, up to a maximum of 200 percent.

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