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Urdak is a location in Doom Eternal and the game's twelfth level. It is the homeworld of the Maykrs. The Khan Maykr is fought as a boss.


According to VEGA, age analysis of the structures and architecture of Urdak indicates that it is older than any other world on record. Their architecture also resembles that of multiple religions across the galaxy, indicating that the Maykr's influence was not limited to Argent D'Nur and may have extended across the whole universe. Indeed, even the name "Urdak" translates to "Heaven" or "Paradise" across hundreds of different languages, a testament to their widespread worship.

Urdak itself exists in an anchor state, utilizing highly advanced dimensional shift technology to allow a static position at a sub-quantum level. This effectively places it as the "reverse" of Hell, a 'higher' reality corresponding to Hell's 'lower' one, although both exist outside of the mundane universe; as a result, no being from Hell can enter Urdak or vice versa. However, when the Icon of Sin was awakened within Urdak the seal which protected it was broken, allowing the demons to invade it like any other world. Though Samuel Hayden reprimands the Slayer for unwittingly damning Urdak, he concludes that it was the Khan Maykr's hubris in bringing the Icon there in the first place which truly caused the loss of Paradise.