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Title screen
Authors Amuscaria
Port GZDoom
Year 2019
Link ZDoom forums thread
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2019 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Hell-Forged is a partial conversion for Doom II created by Eric Ou (Amuscaria). Built for GZDoom, it is meant as both a successor and reboot of Amuscaria's previous project, Demon Eclipse, which had ceased development after a two-episode release back in 2006. Unlike Demon Eclipse, which featured UAC techbases and other familiar locations from Doom games, Hell-Forged has a more unique setting and the first episode release on August 17, 2019, Fortress of Anguish, was specifically meant to be a reboot of Demon Eclipse's second episode, Pandemonium Fortress.

Hell-Forged is set during a demonic invasion of an ancient kingdom, which had used dark magics to win a decades-long war against neighboring powers. After building a large forge on the slopes of a volcano to construct more war machines using this magic, the volcano erupted without warning and was followed by hordes of monsters ravaging through the kingdom. The player takes the role of a Templar, once a prestigious military position but now one that fell into obscurity following the success of the war machines, as they fight the demons in an effort to put an end to the kingdom's invasion. As a partial conversion, Hell-Forged contains a completely new arsenal, many new enemy types, a plethora of custom textures and a total of ten levels as part of its first episode release.

Hell-Forged was awarded one of the Cacowards in 2019.


Gameplay changes[edit]

All weapons in HF have an alternate attack. Each weapon is also designed to fill a niche and will never be made redundant by later pickups. All weapons can by powered up by the Doomsphere (see items). Weapons all have a certain elemental damage that is affected by monster resistances.

Health pickups are less abundant in HF because certain weapons can actively recover health. Armor has been simplified - each armor piece is essentially a large armor bonus that gives varying amounts of protection, all saving 50% of damage, and stacks up to a maximum of 200.

HF's monsters are designed to blend seamlessly with Doom II's original cast, but have some notable changes. Some monsters have armor that functions like health to all weapons except the soul-type ones, which pierces armor. Mechanical monsters are lifeless, and thus life cannot be siphoned off of them, nor will they trigger the Wheel of Pain explosion. Molten enemies are resistant against fire attacks, while soul-type enemies' attacks ignore armor but are also very weak towards other soul-type attacks. Monsters that summon souls are resistant to soul-type weaponry. Boss-type monsters are too large for the nail-type weapons to rip through.

New weapons[edit]

Templar sword
The standard weapon for the Templar order. This trusty steel blade is sharp, but was not built to hack thru the thick hides and hardened bones of demons. Better find something else for the job.
(Primary attack: normal swing | Alternate attack: kick, knocks enemies back)
Vorpal blade
Ancient sword of the Templar's founding patriarch, rumored to have been used to fight against the forces of Hell long ago. Each strike charges up the Vorpal blade with demonic essence that can be unleashed in a powerful attack when it's fully charged, cutting down even the strongest of hellspawn.
(Primary attack: normal swing | Alternate attack: release energy wave (only at 100%))
This was one of the first weapons built for the war effort based on the lost technology rediscovered. It blasts out jets of scorching hellfire that ignites on impact, burning enemies to a crisp.
(Primary attack: hellfire jet | Alternate attack: fire-bomb; sets the floor on fire)
Wheel of Pain
This mysterious artifact ignites life energy within the victim explosively. Those that don't immediately turn inside-out will be blasted by a powerful shockwave. With each blast, a small amount of life energy is siphoned from the victim to mend your wounds.
(Primary attack: blast enemies to siphon life force | Alternate attack: continuous drain to replenish blood ammunition)
This rapid fire weapon turned the war around for your Kingdom. Its repeating barrels throw volleys of piercing nails that rip thru enemies with ease.
(Primary attack: fire piercing nails | Alternate attack: fire fragmenting nails that don't pierce, but deal more damage)
Fueled by demon blood, the Hellbolt launches spheres of pure hatred, blasting away multiple foes at once on impact. Get too close, and its fiery blast will consume you too.
(Primary attack: fire long-range projectile | Alternate attack: lob short-range bouncing projectile that deals more damage)
Excellent for both long-range and close-quarters, the Mauler is a "super" nailgun that fires torrents of nails from distance, or delivers a blast of shrapnel up close.
(Primary attack: super-nailgun, shoots out 2 nails at once | Alternate attack: shrapnel blast)
Named after the two-headed fire-breathing serpent of Legend, the Basilisk lives up to its namesake. It's capable of bombarding enemies with explosive rockets, or roasting the few that get too close with gouts of hellfire.
(Primary attack: repeating rocket barrage | Alternate attack: dual-flamethrower)
Of the weapon technologies that were discovered, none are more frightening than those that use souls. The Soultaker assaults the spirit directly, bypassing armor. Its power grows as it attacks, increasing the Soultaker's lethality until either the charge dissipates or is used up by the alternate attack.
(Primary attack: soul-draining attack, charges weapon and increases damage | Alternate attack: spends charge to get health, and armor for each enemy hit)
The ultimate weapon in your arsenal, the Reaper calls upon the damned to ravage your foes. The spiraling orbs of death it launches instantly blast away most, and finishes off the stragglers with a packs of hungry ghasts.
(Primary attack: spirit missile that detonates on impact, summoning a pack of spirits | Alternate attack: summons more spirits at the expense of impact damage)

New monsters[edit]

Stronger cousins of the imps, these sadistic humanoids are often found leading their lesser kin.
Nastier relatives of the common pinkies, the bloodfiends have evolved the ability to lob toxic demon bile from a considerable distance.
This ghostly variant of the bloodfiend is difficult to see. Their attacks strike at the spirit, making armor useless against them.
These molten beasts are born from the cauldrons of Hell. They spew exploding orbs of magma when they attack and when they are destroyed, making them a danger dead or alive.
Powerful armored enforcers of Hell, these undead warriors are single-minded servants of their demonic masters.
These quadruped demons serve as patrols within Hell's haunted halls. The repeating energy casters they carry will make you pay for your carelessness.
Lumbering Corpulents serve as the heavy hitters. Like their mancubi counterpart, they can bring and take a lot of punishment.
These lifeless mechanical constructs patrol the halls of the Fortress of Anguish. Given will by a damned spirit and powered by hellish magic, intruders they come across are quickly dealt with a barrage of magical orbs they emit.
Commanding the numerous Guardians, the Sentinels oversee the protection of their master's fortress. They possess powerful magical attacks, including the nasty ability to summon more Guardians.
Tasked with executing the complex stratagems of Hell's conquests, Directors prefer to stay out of battle. Despite that, they are more than capable of defending themselves with the Mauler they carry.
If the Directors are the brains, then the Helldukes are the brawn. Selected from the strongest of Hell's arch-demons, the Helldukes are found towering above all those they command at the front lines. The Hellbolt they carry quickly dispatches their foes at distance.
These massive armored juggernauts were created to hold key positions during Hell's campaigns. They shrug off all but the heaviest weapons and can dish out a lot of pain from the Basilisks they wield. Careful not to get trampled.
The Hellsmith
The master of the Fortress of Anguish, and the undisputed ruler of his hellscape. The Hellsmith gave your Kingdom the weapons necessary to win the war, only to have it delivered to him in the end. He has personally crafted many of the monstrosities you have put down so far. He has been put down once before, now you must do it again.

Items and power-ups[edit]


Found in steel canisters and large tanks, combustible phlogiston fuel the fires of the Immolator and Basilisk. (Pick-up amount: 5|25; maximum capacity: 150)
Demon blood
Vials and urns of demon blood can be found thru-out your journey. They power the Wheel of Pain and Hellbolt. (Pick-up amount: 2|10; maximum capacity: 100)
Cartridges and boxes of nails are relatively common. They are used by the nailgun and Mauler. (Pick-up amount: 20|100; maximum capacity: 400)
The rarest ammunition are souls; found in orbs and large globes. Extracted from prisoners of war, the Soultaker and Reaper use these to unleash their power. (Pick-up amount: 10|50; maximum capacity: 200)
Picking up a rucksack gives you some ammo and allows you to carry more of it.

Health & armor[edit]

Large health bonus
These bottles of healing elixirs are common. They give 3 health points when consumed, healing beyond your normal 100 health.
Life Force
Extracted from the living, these decanters of life-energies heal a substantial 20 health points.
Filled to the brim with life-energy, a Rejuvenator will heal you to full health over 5 seconds, restoring a maximum of 100 health.
Steel armors
Made for the war-effort, sets and pieces of steel armor can be found scattered about. Picking them up gives varying degrees of protection, up to a maximum 200 armor points.
Note: all armor in Hell-Forged reduces your damage by 50%.


Doom sphere
This artifact supercharges your weapons, altering some of their behaviors and greatly increasing their damage for a time.
(Duration: 90 seconds)
Juggernaut sphere
While under the effect of this orb, damage taken is reduced significantly, while you become immune to area damage and environmental hazards.
(Duration: 1 Level)
Spectral sphere
Picking this orb up phases you out of the physical plane temporarily, allowing most projectiles to pass harmlessly thru you, and making you harder to see.
(Duration: 60 seconds)
Regenerator sphere
This power-up is similar to the Soul sphere, but replenishes your health back to 100 over time for the rest of the level.
(Duration: 1 Level)
Annihilator sphere
This powerful sphere gives you unlimited ammo for a short duration. Blast away at your heart's content with the most powerful piece in your arsenal.
(Duration: 30 seconds)
Vision sphere
With this power-up, you will be able to see perfectly in pitch blackness and light up otherwise invisible enemies and objects.
(Duration: 180 seconds)
Chrono sphere
When used, space and time no longer hinder you. You to fire at double speed, jump insanely high, and run inhumanly fast.
(Duration: 30 seconds)
Destroyer sphere
Picking up this power-up completely replenishes ammunition and weapon charge.


Phlogiston canisters
Numerous raw unprocessed canisters of phlogistons are stored across various maps. These volatile containers can easily be set off by any attack.
Blood barrels
Radiating with demonic energies, barrels of demon blood can be interacted with in various ways. Life or blood ammo can be siphoned off by the Wheel of Pain's two attacks, but any fire or explosive force will cause them to detonate. You were warned.


Sentient mushrooms
One sentient mushroom can be found in each of the nine maps. Completing the episode with all of them collected will reveal a surprise.

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