Hell (Lost Mission level)

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"...in due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them."
― Intro (Deuteronomy 32:35, NIV[source]

Hell is the seventh and next-to-last level of The Lost Mission. The mancubus, cherub, and vagary first appear in this level. The BFG is also first available here.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.
The massive skull overlooking the entrance.

The marine has teleported into an island in a vast sea of lava. Three horn-topped towers loom in the distance, and beyond them all, a gigantic demonic skull cries rivers of magma. The BFG is found to the right at the very beginning, along with some nearby ammo and health. Moving forward, he is attacked by 2 cherubs from the left tower, and a cacodemon coming from the middle. Approaching the second tower, two more cherubs and another cacodemon attack. The third tower spawns a demon; a very dangerous revenant, given the lack of cover; and then two more demons. Finally, upon the approach to the demon skull, a Hell Knight is summoned. Killing him opens the soul pillar leading to the next area.

Entering the soul pillar, the marine finds himself amidst a forest of crooked mockeries of the Christian cross. Flaming zombies and bony zombies attack, followed by Forgotten Ones and a trio of Hell Knights. Plasma ammo lies nearby. Upon defeating all of the monsters, a stairway assembles itself, leading to the looming prison floating above.

The marine enters the prison, finding some plasma ammo. In the first large room, he is attacked by two arch-viles who summon imps, and then by many cacodemons while climbing his way upward. A long winding hallway full of cherubs leads the marine to a mini-boss fight with the vagary and several cherubs. Grenades and health can be found to the right of the boss.

Going through the door leads the marine to a large room where he is attacked by more flaming zombies and several mancubi, one at a time. The fifth door encountered in the level appears to lead to an area similar to the green forest of pillars in Resurrection of Evil's Hell, but after a few seconds, a teleporter rift suddenly opens and whisks the marine away, leaving him on a network of narrow walkways leading to an imposing obsidian unholy cathedral, which floats atop magma beneath a swirling vortex of chaos.

Making his way along the precarious walkway, the marine kills several cacodemons and finds BFG ammo, health, and armor. The walkway gradually opens as more cacodemons are killed and, when the end is approached, a covered walkway extends from the cathedral above in a fashion resembling the motion of an alien prehensile organ.

Within the cathedral, the marine must navigate a twisting series of corridors full of cacodemons, mancubi, zombies, and crushers. He is able to lure some of the monsters beneath the crushers and finds them an effective means to save ammo. After entering the fourth door, the marine finds himself in a large arena. An elevator-like structure continues to move up one level at a time, each time spawning a Hell Knight. Imps will enter if the marine approaches the left or right platforms, where some health and ammo await him, and cacodemons descend from above between the Hell Knights' attacks.

After fending off the massive attack in the arena, the marine enters the toothed gateway and climbs a short series of stairs, where imps attack by jumping down from above and by climbing over the railings from below. He finds plasma ammo, shells, and some health along the way. Through the next door he finds himself inside the massive chapel of the cathedral, where blood rains down staining the glass windows red. Revenants, Hell Knights, and Forgotten Ones attack.

In the antechamber of the chapel, two revenants attack. Some armor shards can be found inside one of their alcoves. After exiting the antechamber, the marine finds a boat waiting to take him down the river Styx, and into the next level.

Spoilers end here.


Dr. Richard Meyers, via radio contact.



No PDAs are found in this level.


  • BFG 9000
  • Grenades
  • Shells (large)
  • Ammo belts
  • Plasma cells (small)
  • Plasma cells (large)
  • BFG cells
  • Medikits
  • Armor shards
  • Combat armor