Hell Followed

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Hell Followed is the second of three pre-planned multiplayer downloadable content packs for Doom (2016), and was released by Bethesda simultaneously for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One world-wide on October 27, 2016. As of July 19, 2017, the DLC package has been merged into the base game and is available to all players without a separate purchase.[1]


Doom (2016) DLC
Season Pass

New maps[edit]

  • Argent Breach, a battle amid the ancient burial grounds of the Night Sentinels.
  • Molten, a volcanic world full of temples and crumbling geothermal power facilities.
  • Orbital, a low gravity deep-space robotic station. It is possible to fall into the vacuum of space.


The cacodemon is added to the demon rune, capable of flight, belching its iconic ball lightning, and grabbing other players with a melee tongue attack.

Weapons and items[edit]

  • The reaper is a demonic weapon from Hell which fires six rapid-fire bursts of Hell energy. It can also be charged for a single, more damaging shot.
  • The threat pulse is a UAC targeting device which can locate enemies at close range, even through walls.



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