Hell Hunters

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The three Hell Hunters

The Hell Hunters are creatures vaguely resembling Hell knights sent from Hell by the Maledict to track down the Artifact and the human who wields it. They serve as the bosses of the Doom 3 expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil, and must be defeated before the player can reach Hell and fight the Maledict.

There are three different Hell Hunters: the Helltime Hunter (able to move quickly as if it could slow down time, which later happens when the player wields the Artifact after killing it), the Berserk Hunter (able to deal significant damage by attacking the player with melee attacks), and the Invulnerability Hunter (which can become invulnerable by feeding on the generators in the room it is battled in). Each of the Hunters is fought separately throughout the game. When one is killed, the Artifact becomes stronger, appearing as if the Hell Hunter's soul or life essence is absorbed into the Artifact.

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Tablets and the Primitive[edit]

Tablets depicting the three Hunters and the Artifact.

The Hunters were described by several of the new tablets unearthed in Site 1 by Elizabeth McNeil's archaeology team as three powerful beings that would seek out and protect the Artifact, indicating that the ancient Martian civilization had encountered them before. This knowledge was unavailable prior to the events of Resurrection of Evil, however, because Dr. Viktor Kharkov's research into the Primitive, a small stone tablet which served as a cipher key for the other tablets, was still incomplete. As part of his mission, the Marine must bring the Primitive to Dr. Cloud. The scientist then performs one last scan on it, revealing the full truth about the Hunters and of what must be done to destroy the Artifact.


During all three battles against the Hell Hunters, the player has unlimited stamina - a phenomenon dubbed the "Hercules complex" by UAC scientists. It occurs when the player is in Hell, or in proximity to the Hell Hole in the caverns when fighting the cyberdemon in the original Doom 3 campaign. This phenomenon also occurs when fighting the Hell Hunters, even though two of the three Hunters are fought in locations not apparently connected to Hell per se. It could be speculated that the Hunters are somehow bringing an essential part of Hell along with them, or perhaps that their proximity to the Artifact has an invigorating effect on its bearer.