Hell on Earth (Doom Eternal)

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Hell on Earth (Doom Eternal)
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Hell on Earth is the first level of Doom Eternal, taking place in the ruins of a futuristic New York City. The game begins with the Doom Slayer seeking the first of the three Hell priests, Deag Nilox; after finding and killing him, the Slayer traverses the ruined city until he reaches a demonic citadel where a Deagic Council between the remaining priests and the Khan Maykr is taking place.

Zombies, blaster soldiers, imps, arachnotrons, cacodemons and tentacles are all introduced as enemies in this level. The combat shotgun, chainsaw, heavy cannon and frag grenade are also found in this level.



Get to Deag Nilox's Chamber
Chainsaw the Demons
Interrupt the Deagic Council
Get aboard the citadel
Ascend the citadel tower


There are no challenges for this level.

Special Items[edit]

  • 4 extra lives
    1. Inside the "Scott"/"ShuZ" building
    2. Inside UAC parking garage building
    3. In a broken elevator car
    4. On the other side of a crashed bus, accessible through monkey bars


  • 3 modbots
    1. Starting area
    2. Inside ruined building near second Codex page
    3. Next to the train car
  • 6 Codex pages
    1. "Hell barges" in starting area
    2. "Remaining human populations - Part I" outside ruined building after leaving the Hell barge
    3. "Remaining human populations - Part II" inside the "Scott"/"ShuZ" building
    4. "Formation of the ARC" in the train track tunnel
    5. "Hell priests" in the Deagic council building
    6. "Deag Nilox" also in the Deagic council building
  • 3 toys
    1. Zombie (Earth) in starting area
    2. Doom Slayer inside ruined building with second modbot
    3. Imp inside the "Scott"/"ShuZ" building
  • 1 cheat code
    1. "Infinite lives" in the train track maintenance tunnel


The large bell that the player can ring.
  • In the ravaged cathedral, there is a large bell which, if the player shoots it, will make a loud "bong" sound.
  • On finding the Doom Slayer toy, the Slayer will raise its left arm then extend his Doomblade in a salute.