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Title screen of Hell To Pay

Hell To Pay is a partial conversion for Doom II created by Wraith Corporation in 1996 and published by WizardWorks. A 15 level demo version was distributed via the Internet and on the D!ZONE Gold compilation disc. In the plot of Hell To Pay, Earth is invaded by demonic aliens, and the player must journey to Planet Hell in order to activate the planet-killer bomb meant for Earth. The full version retailed for $14.99.

Compared to Perdition's Gate, which has only new music and some new textures, this conversion has new graphics for textures, monsters, and weapons.


Map design was shared by Jim Elson (Lich), Jimmy Sieben (ArchDaemon), Genesis Krzyzaniak, Pavel Hodek, and Mackey McCandlish (Avatar). Artwork for the project was created by Jim Elson, Tom Mustaine, Mackey McCandlish, Pavel Hodek, and Mark Gundy. The music was composed by Tom Mustaine, Jan Sinkmajer, and L.A. Sieben (Anavrin).

On the administrative side, production was handled by Jim Elson with the assistance of Jimmy Sieben, and Mark Gundy was in charge of marketing.


Meeting a Cyberdemon in MAP15: Captain Bellows.
"Two hundred years have passed since a lone marine stood against the forces of Hell. Bone weary from the conflict, and thinking they were finally safe, mankind shunned the ways of war and devoted themselves to turning Earth into a paradise.

A decade ago, all of that changed. Near Jupiter, a wormhole opened. A vast alien armada quickly established on Io, Jupiter's volcanic moon. Without warning, the alien fleet descended upon an unsuspecting Earth.

Many rushed to greet the alien visitors, only be dismembered by the killing machines disgorged by the hellish alien ships. It was soon obvious that the aliens were bent upon savage colonization. Some even tried to defend the planet, but it was hopeless.

Billions died. They were the lucky ones. Those that remain bowed down before their new metal masters and meekly accepted the living Hell that awaited them in the Slave Pits.

The physically fit were pressed into labor under inhuman conditions. Those who weren't or who could not perform to the satisfaction of their masters were led away never to be seen or heard from again. No one really knew what happened to them, but there were rumors too horrible to believe.

But it wasn't the metal demons who were feared the most, rather the sadistic and twisted among you who were led away only to come back transformed into trustee guards. The way they looked at you with a hunger in their eyes was enough to send shivers down your spine.

But unlike the other slaves who have given in to fear, you have let the hate burning in your heart give you strength while you waited for your opportunity to strike back. But the worst has happened, one of your fellow slaves whom you told of your plans was turned into a trustee. You have been arrested and thrown into a holding cell.

The opportunity you've been waiting for hasn't arrived. The other slaves had been looking towards you to lead the revolt. As the trustees lead you away, you saw in their eyes that they had lost of hope. As the trustee opens the cell, you shudder as you remember the rumors of a "Final Solution".

Filled with rage, you slay the trustee with a savage blow. You grab his pistol and emerge from the cell screaming, 'There's gonna be HELL TO PAY!'"


There is no normal exit in MAP15 and MAP31, so MAP31 and MAP32 are treated as normal levels and placed between MAP15 and MAP16.



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