Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders manual


Cover of the manual (European version).
For information about the manual for the registered version, see Heretic manual.

The Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders manual is a 22-page full-color booklet written, printed, and distributed by GT Interactive Software along with commercial copies of Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders.


Two known versions of the manual exist:

  • a smaller one which was supplied inside the digipack CD case (US release);
  • a bigger one which was supplied inside the big cardboard box fashioned like the Tome of Power along with the separate jewel CD case (European release).


The odd pages of the manual are not numbered. Page numbers are given for the US version of the manual.

Front cover[edit]

The front cover contains an image that looks like a faded page of a book with some runes and phrases in the unknown language all over it. In the center of the cover the name of the game is located written with the same fonts as in the title screen.

The European version of the manual also has a word "MANUAL" and logos of GT Interactive Software, id Software and Raven Software at the bottom of the front cover.

Table of contents[edit]

The first page of the manual contains a table of contents.

The story so far[edit]

This section occupies pages 2 and 3 and tells the Heretic's backstory with information about the Sidhe, Serpent Riders, and the player character.


This section occupies pages 4 and 5 and includes:

Starting a game[edit]

This section occupies pages 5 through 8 and gives the following information:

  • how to run the game;
  • how to use the menu to start the new game, set options, save and load games, quit the game;
  • a description of the status bar with the picture;
  • how to use the inventory.

Getting around[edit]

This section occupies pages 9 through 13 and gives the following information:

Monsters you'll face[edit]

This section starts on page 13 and continues on page 14. Brief descriptions are given for the following monsters: gargoyle, fire gargoyle, golem, nitrogolem, undead warriors, sabreclaw, weredragon, ophidian, and disciple of D'Sparil. For each of these a frame of the sprite is also shown. A presence of ghost variants of golem, undead warrior and weredragon is also mentioned, although this is an error for the latter.

Multiplayer instructions[edit]

This section occupies pages 15 through 19 and gives a thorough description of the multiplayer modes: cooperative and deathmatch.

Technical support[edit]

This section starts on page 19 and continues on page 20. It describes a number of ways to get support: using README file, visiting GT Interactive Software website, sending a letter, or call by phone.


The lower part of the page 20 contains a Credits section:


Pages 21 and 22 are for notes and are therefore left blank.

Back cover[edit]

The back cover contains an image in the same style as the front cover. Logos of id Software, Raven Software, and GT Interactive Software and the copyright notice are located at the bottom of the front cover.

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