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The book was offered for mail order through some versions of the id STUFF digital catalog.

Heretic: The Official Strategy Guide is a book written by Ed Dille and published in March 1995 by Prima Games. The book is Heretic's official strategy guide and covers every level from the registered version of Heretic (the extra levels from the Shadow of the Serpent Riders commercial expansion are not covered).


"You stand ready to smash the gates of the City of the Damned. A vile host of monsters, wielding a hideous assortment of magic, lies in wait. To destroy the city and the minions of D'Sparil, you'll need more than your lone wooden staff and a bitter vengeance raging in your heart. You must find and use an array of earth-shattering magical items and weapons strewn about this horrific realm. Acquiring them is your only hope for successfully vanquishing the demons within. Well, almost ... you can also get Heretic: The Official Strategy Guide. "
― Publisher's description


The main content of the book is divided into chapters:

  • Introduction: A brief two-page introduction to the book by the author.
  • Chapter 1: Into the Darkness: Describes the game UI, basic gameplay instructions and commonly-encountered elements of levels.
  • Chapter 2: Of Monsters and Mayhem: Covers Heretic's monsters, weapons and power-up items. The cheat codes are also listed.
  • Chapter 3: City of the Damned: Covers the first episode of Heretic, including an annotated map of each level.
  • Chapter 4: Hell's Maw: Covers the second episode.
  • Chapter 5: The Dome of D'Sparil: Covers the third episode.
  • Chapter 6: Multiplayer Heretic: Tips on how to play multiplayer, both in cooperative and deathmatch modes. Much of the material in this chapter is reused from a similar chapter in the Doom II strategy guide.

The appendices are all simply printed reproductions of various text files distributed with the v1.0 registered version of Heretic:

  • Appendix A: Heretic Version 1.0 Notes: The main contents of README.TXT file that is distributed with Heretic.
  • Appendix B: The DeathManager: How to use the DeathManager interface. This is just the contents of DM.TXT.
  • Appendix C: DWANGO v2.0: How to use DWANGO to play online. This is just the contents of DWANGO.TXT.
  • Appendix D: Troubleshooting: Solutions to various technical problems that the reader might encounter when setting up Heretic. This is the "Troubleshooting Addendum" section from Heretic's README.TXT.


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