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Author Albert Dewey
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 1995
Link Doomworld/idgames

Heroes is a 36-level megawad for Doom by Albert Dewey, created by compiling together several levels and smaller mapsets released separately. Four shovelware CD-ROMs were used to create this compilation: D!ZONE 150, Demon Gate 666, Walnut Creek's Toolkit for Doom, and the CD accompanying Tricks of the Doom Programming Gurus. In addition, Albert Dewey created four original maps for it, and tweaked or altered many of the maps included.

It has an equivalent for Doom II, called Heroes 2.


Resource Source /idgames Author Music Song writer
E1M1 AFRO.WAD Doomworld/idgames Tim Scott Chris3.mid Christopher Jon Wilkins
E1M2 BRAVE.WAD Doomworld/idgames Unknown author Main Title from Terminator 2 Brad Fiedel
E1M3 INFEST.WAD Doomworld/idgames Nicholas Bell
E1M4 MEGAWATT.WAD Doomworld/idgames Casey Miller Unknown MIDI cover of "Bad" Michael Jackson
E1M5 WARBABY.WAD E2M1 (TECH.WAD) Doomworld/idgames Ben Morris (Warbaby) Unknown MIDI cover of "The Call of Ktulu" Metallica
E1M6 OPOST21.WAD[1] Doomworld/idgames Scott Amspoker Facing the Spider Bobby Prince
E1M7 FRENZY.WAD (Frenzy on Phobos) Doomworld/idgames Jeffery Chow Industrial Revolutions Overture Jean-Michel Jarre / Brian Havis
E1M8  !WOW!.WAD Doomworld/idgames Jon Landis Original track Jon Landis
E1M9 CRUSHER.WAD Doomworld/idgames Ethan Brodsky Same as MAP31 in Heroes 2
E2M1 GRYBLOOD.WAD Doomworld/idgames Greytale new-age-demo-2.mid, also known as "kabbalah.mid"
E2M2 CORE.WAD[1] Doomworld/idgames Barry Ferg Sorcery Chas Smith
E2M3 WARBABY.WAD E2M2 (BEN10.WAD) Doomworld/idgames Ben Morris (Warbaby) Das Boot (dasboot.mid) U96 and Klaus Doldinger
E2M4 START1.WAD Albert Dewey "Sentinel" (sentin.mid)
E2M5 KILLZONE.WAD Doomworld/idgames Craig J. Dudle Chris3.mid Christopher Jon Wilkins
E2M6 WHITROOM.WAD (White Room) Doomworld/idgames Doug Ryerson ambient2.mid James Andrews
E2M7 SUDTIC.WAD (Slaughter Until Death) E2M6 Doomworld/idgames Denis Möller "Robot Garbage Freighter" from Space Quest III (gship.mid) Bob Siebenberg
E2M8 HEX1.WAD (The Halls of Hex = the Halls of Power) Doomworld/idgames Peter Naus Second Rendez-Vous (rendezii.mid) Jean-Michel Jarre / Brian Havis
E2M9 PRODOOM.WAD or PVBDETH.WAD James Atchison (Professor Doom) mother.mid James Andrews
E3M1 MARX1_2.WAD Doomworld/idgames The Harbinger of Sorrow Same as MAP22 in Heroes 2
E3M2 PERI11.WAD (Crush-o-rama-ama-ama) Doomworld/idgames Peri Strange Evil Incarnate Bobby Prince
E3M3 11FORTKO.WAD (Fort Knocks) Doomworld/idgames Guy Stockie Running From Evil Bobby Prince
E3M4 START2.WAD Albert Dewey The Healer Stalks Bobby Prince
E3M5 BCOMPLEX.WAD Doomworld/idgames Megaduck Getting Too Tense Bobby Prince
E3M6 CRATER.WAD (Docking Crater Alpha) Doomworld/idgames Jin H. Kim (Time Traveler) Waiting For Romero To Play Bobby Prince
E3M7 TOWER2.WAD Doomworld/idgames Chris Kendall Shawn's Got The Shotgun Bobby Prince
E3M8 TIGERDEN.WAD (The Tiger Den) Doomworld/idgames Jim Young Waiting For Romero To Play Bobby Prince
E3M9 FORGEX.WAD Doomworld/idgames John C. Lyons The Healer Stalks Bobby Prince
E4M1 TOWN.WAD (The whole city's gone to Hell!) Doomworld/idgames Kevin Haley, Bill Courneya The Healer Stalks Bobby Prince
E4M2 DAEMON2.WAD Doomworld/idgames Cameron Newham Evil Incarnate Bobby Prince
E4M3 SPILLWAY.WAD (Nuclear Spillway) Doomworld/idgames Jeff Ebert Running From Evil Bobby Prince
E4M4 HOOTER.WAD (hOOters) Doomworld/idgames Norman Scott Unknown MIDI cover of "The Call of Ktulu" Metallica
E4M5 DMTURM.WAD (Der Turm) Doomworld/idgames Nicholas Bell "Robot Garbage Freighter" from Space Quest III (gship.mid) Bob Siebenberg
E4M6 DMATCH1.WAD Albert Dewey "Sentinel" (sentin.mid)
E4M7 TIBET.WAD Doomworld/idgames Keith Sheehan ambient2.mid James Andrews
E4M8 TGMO2.WAD (Training Ground of the Mad Overlord - 2) Doomworld/idgames Bruce A. Bacher Chris3.mid Christopher Jon Wilkins
E4M9 DMATCH2.WAD Albert Dewey Same as MAP31 in Heroes 2
Status bar TECHBAR.WAD Doomworld/idgames Josh Fallon (Phallus)
Intermission N/A "Hallelujah Chorus", Messiah Part II Handel
Text screen Moonlight Sonata (Piano Sonata No. 14) Beethoven
End game screen Sonatina for piano in C Major, op. 20, no. 1 Friedrich Kuhlau


  1. 1.0 1.1 Also available in WADPAK3 (Doomworld/idgames)

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