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Hexen 95 Launcher

Hexen95 is a ported version of Hexen for Windows 95 included with the Towers of Darkness compilation pack and later releases of Hexen. It is incompatible with Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel, with the instructions in the Towers of Darkness compilation explicitly stating it only works with the DOS version.

Four screen resolutions are supported (320x200, 320x240, 640x400 or 640x480) in either fullscreen or windowed. The interface is a guided setup to select various game options. Unlike Doom95, Hexen95 is not freeware.


The launcher is a guided setup to create a new game or load an existing one. From the launcher you can:

  • Select your player class and skill level
  • Create a multiplayer game
  • Configure game controls with the ability to save different configurations
  • Audio and video settings
  • Include custom PWADs
  • Record a new demo or play and existing one


  • Multiple screen resolutions in windowed or fullscreen
  • Play audio tracks from audio CDs
  • TCP/IP support for multiplayer


Hexen95 works on Windows 10 (including x64) provided that DirectPlay is installed.

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