Hexen: Beyond Heretic Screenshots (hexenscn)

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Hexen: Beyond Heretic Screenshots, also known by its filename of hexenscn.zip, is a set of nine pre-release screenshots of Hexen released by John Romero on August 31, 1995, two months before Hexen's release date of October 30. These screenshots were heavily utilized in print publications for pre-release reviews of the game, in advertisements, and are still utilized at present for online store listings.

Notable features[edit]

The screenshots are from a beta build of the game and thus display various interesting details:

  • HEXEN1.PCX and HEXEN3.PCX feature a minor difference with the player's maximum A.C. (armor class). The Fighter used to have a maximum A.C. of 14 (without bracers) and the Cleric used to have a maximum A.C. of 16 (without bracers). In the final game, it is the other way around.
  • HEXEN2.PCX and HEXEN7.PCX depict a swamp level but do not appear to match areas of Hub 2: Darkmere. While possible that they represent an earlier state of the level (as HEXEN3.PCX does), it is also a possibility that they are pictures of a level referenced in notes by music composer Kevin Schilder which was known as the Black Crypt Swamp. This level was cut before release.
  • HEXEN2.PCX possibly shows that the Mage's frost shards used only 2 blue mana instead of 3.
  • HEXEN3.PCX is a screenshot of an early version of Darkmere. Almost all detailing present in the final version of the level in the area depicted is missing in this early build.
  • HEXEN4.PCX depicts the Mage attacking a dark bishop in Hub 1: Winnowing Hall. This enemy type does not occur in the final game until the third hub. This may either indicate that the level originally occurred later in the game, or that dark bishops occurred much earlier. In addition, the center point of the room is designed differently.
  • HEXEN6.PCX displays the menu system. The large font graphics utilized by the menu are still green in this build, as they were in Heretic. These graphics were recolored red for the release version of the game.
  • HEXEN7.PCX shows some interesting differences related to an earlier version of the HUD. The life chain was still the one used by the Cleric in the final game. The final armor system did not exist yet, it was still using Doom's and Heretic's armor system. And finally, the Hammer of Retribution used blue mana, with the mana's maximum capacity being 100, compared to final's 200.
  • HEXEN8.PCX shows the early HUD mentioned above, with the sapphire wand possibly requiring blue mana to function.
  • HEXEN9.PCX is a scene in Hub 4: Forsaken Outpost, but the sky texture is the red sky used in Hub 1: Seven Portals rather than the blue, lightning-stricken sky used on this level in the release version. The HUD shown is also the earlier one mentioned above.


Screenshot Romero's description
Hexen1.png HEXEN1.PCX: A shot of the Fighter character's sword, Quietus. Pretty much kills everything in one slice.
Hexen2.png HEXEN2.PCX: This is the Mage character's hands conjuring the Frost Shards spell.
Hexen3.png HEXEN3.PCX: This is the Cleric character conjuring the Firestorm spell in a place called Darkmere.
Hexen4.png HEXEN4.PCX: A Dark Bishop is attacking the Mage, who is about to deal some death with Bloodscourge.
Hexen5.png HEXEN5.PCX: The Mage is launching the Arc of Death at a Dark Bishop.
Hexen6.png HEXEN6.PCX: In the menu system, you choose your character by examining his stats.
Hexen7.png HEXEN7.PCX: There's a Stalker blasting out of the swamp! Give him a taste of the Hammer of Retribution!
Hexen8.png HEXEN8.PCX: A multiplayer shot, you are the Mage about to attack two Chaos Serpents (which D'Sparil rode in Heretic) that are focusing on the Warrior buddy of yours.
Hexen9.png HEXEN9.PCX: Here comes the Ettin! Give him a taste of your Sapphire Wand.

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