Hexen: Edge of Chaos

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Player wielding the lantern

Hexen: Edge of Chaos is an unofficial sequel to Hexen, originally created as a modification for Doom 3, and now a standalone game based on the id Tech 4 source code release.


Hexen: Edge of Chaos is set on the world of Cronos, and centers around the brothers Paegus and Salius, the sons of Parias the Cleric from the original Hexen, who find themselves corrupted by misuse of the Wraithverge: a holy weapon meant to only slay the guilty. Its story is told through scrolls and scraps of parchment found throughout the game world, as well as in the Journal of Roden found on the mod's website.


Gameplay is directly based on the Hexen series, including an inventory in which various artifacts can be stored, hub-based progression, and heavy elements of puzzle solving. In the released alpha version, the Cleric player class is implemented and can make use of the Mace of Contrition and Serpent Staff weapons. The final game is meant to include multiple hubs and all three player classes from the original game.

Some enemies from Hexen make a reappearance including ettins and afrits, alongside new foes such as giant beetles and hopping imp-like demons.

Original elements include shields that can be used to block enemy melee attacks, and a lantern for lighting the darker corners of Cronos.


An alpha was released in November of 2010 as a mod which required Doom 3 and included three levels, two set in the city and one in a swamp.


The last news update made to the project's webpage was made in April of 2013, at which time it was stated that significant progress was being made toward the next release, which earlier missed a hopeful 2012 release date.

On January 27, 2016, a new news update was added to assure watchers that the project was still going, just at a slower pace due to limited Doom 3 mappers.

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