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The book was offered for mail order through some versions of the id STUFF digital catalog.

Hexen: The Official Strategy Guide is a book written by Joe Grant Bell and published by Prima Publishing. The book is Hexen's official strategy guide and gives walkthroughs for each of Hexen's five hubs.


"You are about to enter a virtual world of medieval fantasy and horror -- the ultimate sword and sorcery battlefest that is Hexen. Don't walk into thirty-one tough levels of potential pain unprepared! With the teachings of Hexen: The Official Strategy Guide on your side, you'll now exactly what you're getting into before the gruesome battle begins."
― Publisher's description


Unlike other official strategy guides for Doom and Heretic, this guide is printed in full color. The book is divided into chapters:

  1. Hexen: History, Improvements and Interesting Details
  2. Character Class: Summaries of the three character classes available in the game, giving a detailed description of each that includes statistics, strengths and weaknesses of each class. The guide rates each from the perspectives of single player vs. multiplayer and novice vs. expert, in a way that helps the reader to choose a class.
  3. Implements of Destructions: Summaries of each of the 12 weapons available in the game, including detailed statistics and screenshots of them in use.
  4. Armor: Types of armor power-ups found in the game and how they affect each character class.
  5. Artifacts and Equipment: Other items found inside the game, and the effect of each.
  6. The Beastiary: Picture and description of each type of monster encountered in the game. The descriptions include hit points and good strategies to use against each monster.
  7. Words to the Wise (Hexen Strategies): Tips on choosing a controller, how to move effectively (including circle strafing), how to make effective use of each weapon, avoid obstacles and solve puzzles.
  8. Winnowing Hall and Seven Portals
  9. Shadow Wood
  10. Heresiarch's Seminary
  11. Castle of Grief
  12. Necropolis

The book contains two appendices:

  • Appendix A: Getting More Out of Hexen: Addresses of various Hexen-related websites, and a reference to the HETH level editor.
  • Appendix B: Cheat Codes and Extra Commands: List of all the cheat codes and their effects.

Approximately half the book is dedicated to chapters 8-12 which cover the levels. The descriptions include maps of every level, and step-by-step walkthroughs on how to complete each hub. The hub format makes the walkthroughs somewhat difficult to follow, as the walkthrough text and maps are printed on different pages, and the reader must inevitably switch between various different maps while progressing through each hub.


Identifier Data
Dewey Decimal 793.93/2
ISBN-10 ISBN 0761503889
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-0761503880
Library of Congress Classification GV1469.25.H49 B45 1996
Library of Congress Control Number 95071998
Open Library ID OL8016891M

Hexen 64: Official Secrets and Solutions[edit]

A modified version of the guide was printed targeting the Nintendo 64 console port of Hexen. This has the following catalog details:

Identifier Data
Dewey Decimal 793.93/25369
ISBN-10 ISBN 0761512039
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-0761512035
Library of Congress Classification GV1469.35.H37 B45 1997
Library of Congress Control Number 97067540
Open Library ID OL8017104M

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