Hexen: Veil of Darkness

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Hexen: Veil of Darkness
Title screen
Author Captain Toenail
Port GZDoom
IWAD Hexen
Year 2023
Link ModDB link
Cacoward-2018.png This mod was a runner-up for the 2023 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Hexen: Veil of Darkness is an eight-level hub-based mod for Hexen designed for the GZDoom source port, created by Captain Toenail. It was first released on October 17, 2023. Version 1.4 was uploaded to the idgames archive on November 12, 2023. Version 1.5 was released on January 20, 2024. It features a new story, with the Mistress Nox, a powerful magician, coming into possession of the Chaos Sphere, and setting the hero on a quest to slay her and retrieve the artifact. Veil of Darkness features varied locations including a foggy harbor and a massive castle, and also many new enemies, items and decorations.

Veil of Darkness was a runner-up at the 2023 Cacowards.


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