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Front cover art.

Hexen was released by Probe Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation in the first half of 1997, along with a version for the Sega Saturn. A Nintendo 64 port was made by Software Creations.

Of all the ports of Hexen, the PlayStation port can be considered the worst PC-to-console conversion. It suffers from several limitations and setbacks; the game is only one-player, the 3D animation/frame rate is much slower and choppier, monsters only appear as their front sprites (with the exception of the final boss, Korax) and the more graphic death sequences are removed. Though all the levels remain, the levels' architecture and lighting is heavily simplified.

Both the PlayStation and Saturn versions of Hexen feature slightly remixed versions of the CD music of the PC version and add intro and between hub cut scenes, the latter of which replace the between hub text screens of the PC original.


Most of the original music tracks were removed from the port. There are twelve tracks in total, which are reused in all of the levels at least two times:

CD track number Maps Original track name Length
2 Winnowing Hall, Hypostyle, Heresiarch's Seminary, Dark Crucible Winnowing Hall 04:03
3 Seven Portals, Shadow Wood, Wolf Chapel Jach 04:00
4 Guardian of Ice, Zedek's Tomb Simon 03:13
5 Guardian of Fire, Vivarium Wutzit 03:08
6 Guardian of Steel, Wastelands, Griffin Chapel Falcon 02:25
7 Bright Crucible, Caves of Circe, Dragon Chapel, Forsaken Outpost Level 04:06
8 Darkmere, Desolate Garden Swamp 04:12
9 Orchard of Lamentations, Castle of Grief Sixate 03:36
10 Sacred Grove, Dungeons Fantasy 03:07
11 Deathwind Chapel, Effluvium, Traductus' Tomb Chapel 4 02:45
12 Silent Refectory, Necropolis Bones 03:17
13 Gibbet, Menelkir's Tomb Rithm 03:32

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