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This page lists some notable albums, covers, and remixes related to the Hexen soundtrack.

Hexen II[edit]

The OST for Hexen II includes several tracks based on the original Hexen soundtrack, as well as two based on the Heretic soundtrack. These were written by the original author, Kevin Schilder, who was the composer for all three games. The instrumentation of the tracks was often changed to better suit the themes of the new levels, such as use of pan flutes in the Egyptian levels.

Solar Studios[edit]

A mix version of the Hexen soundtrack has been produced by Sidhe Priest of Solar Studios. It features 37 files and is available in several formats, FLAC, Ogg, and MP3 - all packed for use with the ZDoom source port. The soundtrack can be downloaded from the Solar Studios page.


Sycraft has produced a soundtrack for the Doomsday source port. The music is available in three formats, which are MP3, Ogg, and FLAC. The two first versions are compatible with Doomsday, while the FLAC version is only meant for separate listening. The soundtrack can be downloaded from Sycraft's website.