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In Doom 64, the projectile spot is a special actor, placed in several maps as the spawn origin point of two types of projectile attacks: darts and homing fireballs. These are used as environmental hazards in the levels in a similar way to crushers or barrels, and often appear in the later Hell levels of the game.


Darts being fired from demonic faces on MAP09: Even Simpler.

Darts appear as harmful projectiles in several Doom 64 levels, typically (but not necessarily) being fired from demonic faces on walls that otherwise normally act as decorations. They are small, loosely decorated arrowheads made of metal that travel at moderate speed and inflict damage on the player (or monsters) on contact. It is very common, however, for darts to be fired in volleys, sometimes in very quick succession, and in that circumstance they can easily deal massive damage if the player is not able to get away in time. When launched, darts emit a piercing, swoosh sound, but it can be hard to hear if they are launched from particularly long distances.

Darts initially appear in the first Hell level, MAP09: Even Simpler, although they can be encountered sooner if the secret exit to MAP32: Hectic is found. MAP13: Dark Citadel famously includes a very large set of dart throwers, which can be activated to kill various barons of Hell prowling in the room they're found in. An elaborate secret area in MAP20: Breakdown also relied on darts, but it was cut before release.

Homing fireballs[edit]

Homing fireballs rapidly approaching the player on MAP15: Dark Entries.

Homing fireballs are another dangerous hazard in Doom 64. In function and appearance, they behave very similarly to a revenant projectile, and use the same sound effect when being launched. Much like the revenant projectiles in PlayStation Doom, they will also always home in on the player. However, they move considerably faster than revenant projectiles did in PlayStation Doom, being roughly equivalent to the PC counterparts. They deal high damage, but are considerably rarer than dart throwers.


Appearance statistics[edit]

The projectile spot is first encountered on these maps per skill level:

The main game and the extra episode contain the following numbers of projectile spots per skill level:

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