Hub 4: Castle of Grief


Castle of Grief is the fourth hub of Hexen. It consists of a large, well-fortified castle filled with treacherous traps and puzzles.

The intermission text introducing this hub in the PC version is as follows:

The mightiest weapons and artifacts of the ancients barely sufficed to defeat the Heresiarch and his minions, but now their foul remains lie strewn at your feet. Gathering the last of your strength, you prepare to enter the portal which leads from the Heresiarch's inner sanctum.

Above you, the ramparts of an immense castle loom. Silent towers and bare walls surround a single spire of black stone, which squats in the center of the castle like a brooding giant. Fire and shadow twist behind gaping windows, dozens of baleful eyes glaring down upon you.

Somewhere within, your enemies are waiting...


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