Hub 4: Castle of Pain


Castle of Pain
Map name: MAP36

Cheat code: visit36

Constable's Gate
Hexen: Beyond Heretic

Castle of Pain is a deathmatch map in Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel. It uses one of the following music tracks composed by Kevin Schilder: "Wobaby" (default) or "Falcon" (played from the game CD).


Map of Castle of Pain

The level features a square castle containing a few one-room buildings, and a belltower outside the castle. A cavern on the northern side contains a teleporter to inside the castle and the switch leading back to Transit.

There are some scripted events, such as glitter bridges appearing when crossing certain linedefs, or a large number of stained glass windows that can be shattered to open shortcuts.

It is also the only deathmatch level to provide some vague gameplay in single-player, as there is heavy monster opposition concluded by a heresiarch in the belltower.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


Player spawns[edit]

This level contains eight spawn points:

  1. facing north-east. (thing 61)
  2. facing south. (thing 62)
  3. facing south. (thing 63)
  4. facing north. (thing 64)
  5. facing north-west. (thing 70)
  6. facing south-west. (thing 71)
  7. facing south-east. (thing 72)
  8. facing south. (thing 103)


Map data[edit]

Things 374
Vertices 1459*
Linedefs 1704
Sidedefs 2660
Sectors 375
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 1283.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level: