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ISLE: Isle of the Volcano is the fourth map of Mayhem Mansion. It was designed by Darsycho and uses the music track "".


Map of Isle of the Volcano
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. Once the tall shack in the large canyon is open, enter it and use the springs and lifts to get to the top. At the last spring, you will notice a key behind a thin wall. This key is one of the "good" secrets, and it is best reached by using the last spring while moving north. (thing 354 via script 237 and "secret trigger" thing 1803)
  2. In order to get the "mega" secret, you need ten keys. Afterwards, head to the northeast part of the island with a single treasure chest and a "fake" door. Head directly south of there to the huts and enter the closest one, picking up the MM Player inside. This will unlock the "fake" door. Open the door that requires the ten keys and you can get on the ship to get the "mega" secret. (linedef 2601 via script 227 and "secret trigger" thing 1246)
  3. In the area south of the large canyon, pick up the lava lamp, then return to the large canyon. Defeat the "bossman" to open up the northwest corner to get one of the ten keys and the "hectic" secret. (linedef 5390 via script 235 and "secret trigger" thing 1153)
  4. After you get a pickaxe, head to the outside area on the west side of the island (west of the large canyon) and pick at the wall just south of the tiny treasure chest. Behind the wall you can find lots of money in a "good" secret. (linedef 8400 via script 236 and "secret trigger" thing 1222)
  5. In the red carpet area north of the large canyon, get on the north wall. Look at the southwest corner when you get there and you can see a yellow bottle appear when you approached the north wall, which will close in less than a second. While at the north wall, run south to the yellow bottle to get 75% health in a "good" secret before it closes. (linedef 10048 via script 137 and "secret trigger" thing 1735)
  6. In the cave with money on the wooden poles (southwest of the starting point) cross the poles and they will fall. When this happens, go on the southeasternmost pole and go through the wall to the east for the "good" secret. (linedef 13040 via script 223 and "secret trigger" thing 1724)
  7. In the wooden area at the south end of the island, enter the damaging multi-colored fluid and head east and southeast to a treasure chest in a "good" secret. (linedef 13166 via script 138 and "secret trigger" thing 1136)
  8. In the area with the long, damaging river near the far north end of the map, make your way to the easternmost end, lower a lift, and use it to get to the teleporter to the east. Get through that area and make sure to pick up the key in the southeast corner, then return to the river and the water level will rise. Go around and to the northwest. As the path moves west, go to the northwest corner and shoot at the heart in the corner. This will open up an area behind you where you can find one of the keys in an "evil" secret. (linedef 14198 via script 250 and "secret trigger" thing 2096)
  9. In the flashing lights area at the far north end of the map, head to the south side and approach the evil eye at the southwest end to lower a lift to the north. Take it up, then approach another eye to the southwest to lower a lift to the east. Get on it and quickly run to the opening to the north to find an "evil" secret which you can use to teleport to a treasure chest. (linedef 14336 via script 238 and "secret trigger" thing 1140)
  10. GOOD secret (? via script 224 and "secret trigger" thing 1934)


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Map data[edit]

Things 2097
Vertices 15944*
Linedefs 14846
Sidedefs 23895
Sectors 2532
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 12202.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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