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Unknown (most likely dead)

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Delta Labs, Level 2A

Ian McCormick is a character from Doom 3 who reveals the truth behind the demonic invasion on Mars. He worked in Delta Labs Level 2a, where he and his colleagues were part of Dr. Malcolm Betruger's teleportation research team. When the team discovered that the portals took a route through another dimension with living creatures, Betruger ordered them to recruit volunteers to take on an expedition into the other dimension to capture one of the creatures for study. To achieve this, McCormick took a number of unethical actions, including the drafting of false scientific reports, in order to acquire permission to send humans through the portal.

During the demonic invasion, Ian locked himself in his office, armed with only a pistol. When the lone Marine runs across him, Ian helps him get to Delta Labs - Level 2b. He also reveals to the Marine how he and Dr. Betruger opened the portal between Mars and Hell, and gives him a video disk detailing the teleportation experiments, the specimens retrieved, his gradual realization that the other dimension was Hell, and his regrets of inaction afterward. He intended for this to be delivered to the UAC board. It is unknown if the report was eventually delivered by the Marine.

His fate in the game is not revealed, but he is stated to have been killed in the novelized version. Furthermore, the introduction to Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil states that the Marine was the only known survivor of the invasion, though this has been subjected to repeated retconning afteward.

Report on the Soul Cube[edit]

This report can be downloaded to your PDA.

I've been working on the Soul Cube for a few weeks now. It is a fascinating artifact and as it turns out, it has some amazing properties. I wrote a new glyph pattern query yesterday and let it run all night. With the new query, the linguistics computer finally cracked the remaining glyphs!

The Soul Cube is by every definition a weapon, and it seems to have been built to repel whatever type of creatures invaded this ancient culture. If I am reading them right, during a battle the cube gains power with each life the wielder takes. When it is fully charged it can be used to slay even the strongest of creatures. Even more impressive is that when it kills a creature it transfers that creature's life force back to who is using the cube!

I know this sounds like magic and I have not been able to activate it to prove the theory but this is what the glyphs illustrate.

The glyphs specifically point out that you must kill five creatures before it becomes charged and then amazingly it will tell you it is ready. It is almost like a sentient being; this object is a fantastic find.

Ian McCormick

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