Ice bomb


Ice bomb being fired.
A group of demons frozen by the ice bomb.

The ice bomb is one of the auxillary weapons in Doom Eternal. Fired from the shoulder-mounted launcher of the Praetor suit, the ice bomb is a projectile that douses the target in "freezing gasses", causing a flash-freeze. The frozen enemy is then left immobile and helpless, and shatters after enough damage has been inflicted upon them.[1] It is selected as an ammunition type versus the frag grenade via a toggle key or button ("G" by default for keyboards).

Tactical analysis[edit]

The ice bomb can be used to hold a target in place while you attack them, keep a dangerous enemy from fighting back, or to make a quick escape when surrounded. It is strongly recommended when fighting whiplashes due to their fast movements, and it can be used to hold a pinky or spectre in place while you attack its vulnerable rear side. Spectres and whiplash spectres that have been frozen can be targeted with the rocket launcher's Lock-On Burst mod.

Enemies frozen by an ice bomb cannot be glory killed; instead, they shatter once enough damage has been inflicted on them. It also has no effect on demons that are possessed by a spirit or have been buffed by a screecher, but will freeze enemies that are under the influence of a buff totem.

In The Ancient Gods, Part Two and Horde Mode, frozen enemies will drop additional health bonuses when they are struck with the Sentinel Hammer.

The ice bomb has a cooldown of 45 seconds, or 35 seconds with the Faster Cooldown Praetor Suit upgrade.

Freeze time
Enemy Seconds Seconds (Upgraded)
Fodder/Ambient except Riot Soldier 4 6
Riot soldier 3 3?
Pinky, Revenant, Whiplash, Cacodemon, Hell knight, Dread knight, Arachnotron 2 4
Mancubus, Pain elemental, Arch-vile, Baron 1.5 3
Doom hunter (except in Doom Hunter Base), Tyrant 1 2


The ice bomb can be upgraded by finding and spending Praetor suit points.

  • Faster Ice Cooldown - the ice bomb takes less time to cooldown after firing
  • Permafrost - Demons remain frozen for longer
  • Ice Drops - Damaging and killing frozen enemies will drop health
  • Frost Bite - Damage dealt against a frozen demon is increased

When using the Equipment Fiend rune, killing frozen enemies will reduce the ice bomb's cooldown time by 3 seconds up to 4 times per cooldown.


  • Airborne demons like the pain elemental can remain suspended above the ground even when frozen. An exception to this is the lost soul, which is outright slain instead of freezing.


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