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id Mobile was id Software's mobile games development subsidiary. It was originally founded as an independent company called Fountainhead Entertainment by Katherine Anna Kang in November 1999 with an emphasis on exploring machinima.[1] After finding success with Doom RPG, John Carmack's first tentative foray into mobile development, the company eventually merged with id Software and became id Mobile, continuing development on several series.

The subsidiary was announced as having been closed at QuakeCon 2012, on or around August 3, as a result of the internal reorganization by parent companies ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Softworks in response to the then-ongoing failures in the development of Doom 4. John Carmack claimed that the resources of the mobile division would be repurposed toward that game, but he, Katherine, and the majority of the team departed the company within slightly more than a year.[2][3]



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