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Immora is the third and penultimate level of The Ancient Gods, Part Two, the second expansion for Doom Eternal, which takes place in its namesake. As the Sentinel and Hell armies do battle, the Doom Slayer must breach the walls of Hell's capital city to find and confront the Dark Lord.

"The final battle has begun. Using the Gate of Divum to access the heart of Hell, the Slayer now stands before the gates of Immora ready to face the Dark Lord. Armies now gather as the dark realm prepares for war, and the coming conflict will decide the fate of all..."
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Immora is Hell's capital city and residence of the Dark Lord. Its people have eternal life, and regular infusions of Hell energy ensure they do not transform into demons like the beings outside the city walls. The city's ancient technology and high impassable walls protect its people from anyone who would threaten them.



Kill the Dark Lord
Breach the wall


To the wall[edit]

Follow the path to a launcher and use it to propel yourself to some blaster soldiers and mecha zombies, then kill a mancubus at the top of the slope along with some shield soldiers following close behind. Continue up the slope and kill a revenant waiting at the top, then head on to find some tentacle holes guarded by gargoyles. Jump across a pit to find the gore nest for the Escalation Encounter (see below), and once you have completed it enter the tunnel on the left side to find the automap station. Punch through the cracked wall ahead to find some battling mecha zombies and gargoyles, which will be followed by a dread knight and an arachnotron, then head up the next slope to face a giant tentacle which will be joined by a Hell knight. Go into the cave ahead to find two blood punch pickups and kill the Hell knights and mancubi which arrive to protect them.

Go up the slope to find a monkey bar between two fireball launchers, then ride it up to a plateau with stone imps and an arachnotron followed by two pain elementals. Go up another slope to face some riot soldiers and a prowler then use the grapple point above you to reach a cavern behind two spinning chains. Walk through the purple goo past a fire generator and turn left to see two turrets ahead of you, then head forward to find a Sentinel ballista being guarded by a possessed Hell knight. Take out the knight (plus a second one that appears when the first is ready to be glory killed) then climb up to the ballista to fire yourself through the city wall.

City interior[edit]

Follow the corridor until you go through a door and get outside, where a pain elemental and several demonic troopers are waiting for you; they cannot be chainsawed or glory killed but will leave behind ammo when they die. Head down to the bottom level of the walkway and look down to see a laser grid behind several moving beams; you must dash through the beams, and shoot the green switch above the grid in mid-air so you can get through before it activates again. Go round the corner to find a tunnel that will propel you further into the city, then head outside and dash down to a small arena with a soulsphere in it - you will have to contend with two marauders here along with a baron of Hell, but you must avoid killing the screechers in this area if possible. Jump down to a walkway with an armor suit and turn left to kill some approaching troopers, then follow the path over a bridge (watching out for a fireball launcher) and jump over to a second walkway with an arachnotron on it.

Follow this walkway to another bridge and kill an armored baron that appears on the other side, then kill a stone imp that tries to surprise you from behind and activate a control panel just on the other side of the bridge; this will unlock two doors in front of you. Destroy the Doom hunter that appears by the doors along with some other demons, then go through either door and head up a slope past a whiplash spectre. Kill a mancubus waiting near the top of the slope then head through the door behind it to see a red portal; go through it then head through the door in front of you to see the Dark Lord entering a crucifix ship and heading for his spire. After the cutscene kill the Hell knights and tyrant that head your way, which will be followed by a cursed prowler, a possessed baron and cyber-mancubi. After clearing the arena, you will automatically proceed to the base of the spire where you will see lots of shotgun ammo along with an Overdrive powerup; taking the pickup will cause a large number of stone imps to start teleporting in, so make full use of the combat shotgun's Full Auto mod and glory kill the imps whenever possible to keep the Sentinel Hammer charged. Once all the stone imps are killed, head through the Hell barrier and jump into the red beam behind it to finish the level.

Escalation Encounter[edit]

The first wave of the Escalation Encounter is mandatory and includes three main groups; first, dread knights and revenants; second, two Doom hunters along with whiplashes; finally, cacodemons, barons and carcasses. Completing the first wave unlocks a final upgrade for the Sentinel Hammer; demons hit by it will be dazed for a longer duration.

The second wave of the Escalation Encounter is optional and pits you against demons in the following order: armored baron and carcasses, followed by a baron, cacodemons, a marauder, two tyrants and finally another marauder. Completing the second wave unlocks the "Hellforged" Slayer skin.

Special items[edit]

  • Four extra lives
    1. In the area with the tentacles, climb up a step to find more tentacle holes in purple goo then punch through the cracked wall behind them. Go past two more tentacles to find a 1UP down a hole.
    2. After punching through the wall next to the automap station, kill the battling mecha zombies and gargoyles then climb on to the central rock. Jump from here to a nearby Sentinel carrier to find a 2UP next to it.
    3. As you enter the cave with the blood punch charges, there is a narrow opening in the right-hand wall which you can reach by jumping from the nearby platforms. Walk through some purple goo past two tentacles to find a 1UP.
  • One soulsphere
    1. In the middle of the small arena with the screechers
  • Three Argent cells
    1. In the Escalation Encounter arena.
    2. After using the control panel in the city interior, go through the door directly across from it to confront three shield soldiers. Look behind the column that the soldiers were guarding to find a second panel, which will deactivate the laser grid next to it and allow you to reach a cell.
    3. In the arena just past the red portal
  • Seven Hammer charges
    1. Use the launcher by the starting point; you will pass a charge on the way down.
    2. Above the Argent cell in the Escalation Encounter arena; use a nearby launcher to reach it.
    3. In the area past the automap station, behind some purple goo.
    4. In the small arena with the screechers.
    5. By the control panel in the city interior.
    6. From the control panel in the city interior, continue following the walkway until you find a charge guarded by imps and a shield soldier.
    7. By the red portal leading to the Dark Lord's spire.
  • Four Codex pages
    1. "The False Salvation" - at the top of the slope past the first launcher.
    2. "The Seed of Doubt" - in front of you after breaching the city wall.
    3. "The Rise of the Slayer" - from the arena with the screechers, jump down to a walkway to find this page nearby.
    4. "The Final Battle" - by the red portal leading to the Dark Lord's spire.

Areas / screenshots[edit]