Imp (Doom Eternal)


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An imp.
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The imp returns as a monster in Doom Eternal, similar to its appearance in Doom (2016) but with a more muscular, bulky stature, and now sporting sharp spikes in many locations on its body, much like the classic imp. It also has brighter, red-colored glowing eyes and darker brown skin, details which also hearken back more closely to the monster's original design.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The imp retains statistics and behaviors which mostly match those from the previous game. The ice bomb is effective at forcing them to stay still for follow-up attacks.

The imp has the same amount of health as the zombie, with 200 HP, but very slightly less health during stagger (90 HP), making them ever so slightly easier to accidentally kill instead of glory kill. In particular, two plasma shots will kill a staggered imp but not a staggered zombie.


The Imps are some of the most common natives of the Hellscape, living as scavengers of the Underworld. They are unintelligent, and are motivated primarily by the urge to hunt. This predatory instinct combined with a talent for violence makes them a common sight in the armies of Hell as expendable cannon fodder.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Slayer kicks the imp to the ground and caves in its skull with his fist.
  • The Slayer knees the imp in the chin and then sends it flying back with a punch to the face.
  • The Slayer breaks the imp's arm and then knocks it out with a right hook to its jaw.
  • The Slayer parries the imps claw swipe before bisecting it with the Doomblade.
  • The Slayer drives the Doomblade through the demon's heart before kicking it away.
  • The Slayer brings the Doomblade down in a vicious chop that splits the imp in two.
  • The Slayer knocks the imp to the ground and then stomps its head in.
  • The Slayer sweeps the imp's legs out from under it and then cuts it in half.
  • The Slayer drives the Doomblade through the side of the demon's head.
  • The Slayer breaks the imp's leg with a stomp before decapitating it.