Indie games


Indie games (a.k.a. independent games) are games developed by small teams. For an overview of indie games in general, one may refer to the Wikipedia article; this article is specifically for indie games created with the Doom engine or one of its source ports.

An indie game is a special case of a total conversion. While a total conversion is still meant to be loaded as a mod, and therefore requires the base game data, an indie game is fully standalone and does not require ownership of any other game to be played.

Some indie games utilize (and include) the Freedoom IWAD as a bootstrap for custom content or include a fake IWAD that contain the minimum amount of lumps required to launch a game.


Relatively few indie games target the vanilla Doom engine, since it does not have any provision to support custom IWADs and offer very little ways of customizing the game behavior. The use of DeHackEd offers more possibilities but since distributing a modified copy of the original executable is technically copyright infringement, a standalone game will still have to be distributed with a source port, or only be distributed as game data and leave obtaining the executable to the end user.


A few of the vanilla-compatible games are aimed mostly at providing a free/libre clone of a commercial Doom engine game, and therefore do not seek to offer different gameplay but merely original assets allowing to play third-party content made for the original game.

Standalone games[edit]



  • The Adventures of Square
  • A Janitor's Nightmare
  • Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl Reloaded
  • Apocalyptic Vibes
  • Ashes Afterglow
  • Beer Drinkin' Terrorist Hunter
  • Bloodwar
  • Castlevania: Simon's Destiny
  • The Cenote
  • Cursed Maze
  • Decadence: A Tarnished World
  • Daytime Drama (GZDoom, WIGZDoom engine fork)
  • Dismantled
  • Dynamite Duchess
  • Dynamite Duchess 2: Appetite For Detention
  • Dynamite Duchess 3: Carnival Of Souls
  • The Forestale
  • GZ PT
  • Hands of Necromancy (GZDoom, Redemption engine fork)
  • Hedon (GZDoom, hGZDoom engine fork)
  • Hedon Bloodrite (Hedon and Hedon II in one game)
  • Hunter's Moon
  • I.M Meen TC
  • I Am Sakuya: Touhou FPS Game
  • Kid 4 $29.99
  • Lenny!
  • Lycanthorn
  • Lycanthorn II
  • Magical Mary: Redthorn's Family Ransom (modified GZDoom fork)
  • Membrane
  • Memoirs of Magic
  • nu//void
  • Outreside: Gravebourne
  • Project Absentia (GZDoom. WIGZDoom engine fork; Early Access, currently Episode 1 is only available)
  • Project Crypt
  • Project Osiris
  • Retroninjacyberassassin
  • Return of the Triad
  • Rise of the Wool Ball
  • Rough Waves
  • Scoot Hard DX (WIGZDoom fork)
  • SharpShooter3D
  • Shrine
  • Shrine II
  • Snap the Sentinel (Currently Episode 1 is only available)
  • Solace Dreams
  • Spooky's House of Jump Scares TC (GZDoom, GZSpooky engine fork)
  • Suburban Basketball (Freedoom based standalone game)
  • Supplice (Early Access, currently Episode 1 is only available)
  • The Inquisitor 3D
  • Total Chaos
  • Vomitoreum
  • Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony
  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors TC


  • Cursed Maze: Gloome Edition
  • Nido Force
  • Nocturne in Yellow
  • Xenomia



Custom engine[edit]

Works in progress[edit]

These games have been announced, but not released yet.

  • The Age of Hell (GZDoom)
  • ÄRGER: Death Machine (GZDoom)
  • Barely Breathing (GZDoom)
  • Beyond Sunset (GZDoom)
  • Box Party (GZDoom)
  • Brutal Fate (GZDoom)
  • Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation (GZDoom)
  • Combat Train (GZDoom)
  • Darkadia (GZDoom)
  • Deluge (GZDoom)
  • Disdain (GZDoom, Disdain engine fork with ZDRay support)
  • Enigmatic Worlds (GZDoom)
  • Fury's Sky (GZDoom)
  • Hellslinger (GZDoom)
  • Horryefieing: Rye Adventures (GZDoom)
  • Hyperion (GZDoom) (by the makers of BlooM)
  • Mala Petaka (GZDoom)
  • Operation ECHO (GZDoom)
  • Relentless Frontier (GZDoom)
  • Re-Powerslave (GZDoom) (Reimagining of PowerSlave: Exhumed)
  • Robotech: FirstGen (3DGE)
  • Selaco (GZDoom, Pancake engine fork)
  • SLaVE (3DGE, PC/Dreamcast)
  • Stellar Valkyrie (GZDoom)
  • Tomb Fetus (Zandronum)
  • Ylfe: Miasmawalker (GZDoom)