Doom (2016) multiplayer levels

Infernal is a multiplayer level in Doom (2016), one of the nine original stock multiplayer maps. Bethesda describe it as a mid-sized Hell map with lots of platforms and chasms, along with teleporters.[1]


This level centers around a blood-filled cavern which neighbors a large chasm spanned by a pair of staircases. The interior sections of the level span three floors and include a mixture of pits, ledges and trenches that present opportunities for combat at any range. A number of green teleporters are dotted around the level for ambushes and escapes.

A Gauss cannon will sometimes spawn on the ledge above the teleporter in the chasm area; you must jump over the teleporter to avoid stepping on it by accident. A mega health pickup also spawns above the chasm, and you will have to jump from the nearby columns or a blood-stained doorway to get to it. Haste and quad damage powerups can also spawn in the blood-filled cavern, on a ledge next to a large bloodied skull.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


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