Insanity Deathmatch


Insanity Deathmatch
Title screen
Author Kaapeli47
Port Zandronum
Year 2021
Link Doomworld forums thread
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2021 Cacowards on Doomworld in the Multiplayer category!
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Insanity Deathmatch, also known as InsanityDM or IDM, is a gameplay mod for Deathmatch, Last Man Standing and Capture the Flag developed by Kaapeli47. It was released on November 7, 2021 for Zandronum, after multiple beta releases throughout the year, and version 1.0 in August 31. The mod works in the InstaGib and Buckshot modifiers of Zandronum, and it also comes with its own additional game modifiers, such as weapon modifiers similar to Instagib and Buckshot, and modifiers that change gameplay directly.

Insanity Deathmatch comes in two editions. The normal edition, simply called 'Insanity Deathmatch', has advanced modifications to player properties with additional player sounds and death animations. The other edition, called Insanity Deathmatch: Skinnable Edition, has classic player behavior without advanced additions, enabling compatibility for custom Zandronum player skins.

Insanity Deathmatch is compatible on any map that only has things from DOOM2.WAD. In these maps, the mod replaces items like weapons, health, armor and powerups of Doom II with randomized spawner actors that spawn random weapons and items. In addition, Insanity Deathmatch can be used as a resource for mapping with Ultimate Doom Builder to design maps specifically for the mod. As a mapping resource, Insanity Deathmatch allows placement of individual things from the mod, although placing the random spawners is still possible.

The mod is an affiliated Doom project in Hellforge Studios, and it received one of the 2021 Cacowards in the Multiplayer category.


Player properties[edit]

  • Spawning health: 100
  • Maximum health with regular health pickups: 200
  • Maximum health with powerups: 300
  • Spawning armor: 100
  • Spawning armor protection value: 66.67%

The player is always moving at default Doom running speed, even if the "always run" client setting in Zandronum is off.


There are a total of 52 weapons in Insanity Deathmatch. This includes 12 starting weapons, 20 common weapons and 20 big weapons.

Slot 1: Melee weapons[edit]

  • Fist: Hits on a longer range than in Doom and can frag a recently spawned player in two punches. The fist is available to everyone, regardless of what starting weapon is selected.
  • Chainsaw: Hits twice as fast as in Doom, and shreds through players much quicker with its also higher damage and longer range.
  • Knife: A fast starting melee weapon that deals more damage than the Fist. It has a reference to the knife in the Counter-Strike game series, with similar sounds and the ability to move faster. The player moves 25% faster with the Knife in their hands.
  • Vorpal blade: A very slow but extremely strong starting melee weapon, able to take most players down in just one swing. During a very short period on each swing, the player blocks most attacks and reflects away projectiles. It uses special energy as ammo that increases the blade's damage, which regenerates slowly over time and can be acquired faster through successful hits on enemies with the weapon. When the energy is at 50 percent, the blade turns green and deals more damage. At 100 percent energy, the blade turns red, dealing the maximum damage and shooting a slashing projectile on the next swing.

Slot 2: Small arms[edit]

  • Pistol: A faster, stronger and more accurate variant than the pistol in Doom. It is one of the most versatile starting weapons in terms of balance between damage, firing speed, and accuracy.
  • Machinegun: A fast and moderately accurate bullet weapon that shoots in 3-round bursts. It has a much faster firing speed than the Pistol, but slightly worse accuracy, and lower damage per bullet. In some situations the machinegun can be a superior choice to the pistol thanks to its higher damage output on medium or slightly longer ranges.
  • Yellowboy: A strong sniping option for a starting weapon. It fires a fully accurate, high-damage bullet per shot with a slow firing speed. A single bullet can take down players in just two shots, and creates a yellow trail from the shooter to where the bullet hits. The yellowboy uses shotgun shells for ammo.
  • Blaster: Shoots a very fast yellow plasma projectile and can take enemy players down from just 2 to 4 shots. The projectiles are fast and hard to dodge on close to medium range. The blaster uses cells for ammo.

Slot 3: Shotguns[edit]

All of the common shotgun weapons shoot a different amount of pellets with the same range of damage from 5 to 15 per pellet.

  • Boomstick: Almost identical to the shotgun in Quake, adopting the same firing speed. It shoots 9 pellets per shot on a very narrow spread, making it a very versatile starting shotgun appropriate for even long range, thanks to its very accurate shots and average damage output.
  • Buckshot: Essentially the super-variant of the boomstick that also has a resemblance to the double-barreled shotgun in Quake. It shoots 18 pellets but consumes 2 shells per shot, and its spread of shots is twice as large as the boomstick, and shoots at a slightly slower firing speed.
  • Combat shotgun: Fires faster than the shotgun in Doom and fires 24 pellets in total with the same accuracy. It can take down players in one potential point blank shot.
  • Super shotgun: Now fires a total of 50 pellets, which is more than enough to sometimes even take two enemies down in just one shot.
  • Riot shotgun: A rapid 4-round burst shotgun that is also very accurate. The weapon consumes shells fast and it has to reload its barrels after each burst, effectively balancing the high damage output.
  • Screwgun: A wide spread projectile-based shotgun that shoots small screws in fast bursts. It deals more damage than the Combat Shotgun, but is less accurate on longer ranges.
  • Quad shotgun: A big weapon that shoots 300 pellets on a very wide spread and consumes 4 shotgun shells per shot. It can easily take down multiple enemies on the shooter's screen, but its reload time is slower than that of the super shotgun, making it a weapon of high risk but also high reward.
  • Hand cannon: Shoots explosive shotgun shells on a delay and on a wide spread, firing high damage pellets that explode on impact. It can cover a big area with explosions that deal extreme damage to players, but reloading takes an even longer time than reloading the quad shotgun, and firing the weapon will consume 10 shotgun shells.

Slot 4: Bullet weapons[edit]

  • Chaingun: Deals twice as much damage than the chaingun in Doom, and has a 50% chance to shoot an extra bullet. A great starting weapon for continuous hitscan damage.
  • Nailgun: Similar to the nailgun in Quake, this double-barreled weapon fires fast moving, medium damage nails. Both barrels are first fired at once, before the barrels oscillate and fire one nail at a time at a high rate of fire. For a starting weapon it deals a great amount of sustained damage, but it requires more skill in aim .
  • Super chaingun: Fires similarly to the chaingun for the first 10 shots, but spools up to double rate of fire if the trigger is still held down.
  • Super nailgun: A triple-barreled super variant of the nailgun, similar to the super nailgun in Quake. It fires bigger and more damaging nails than the nailgun at a faster firing speed, but consumes 2 bullet ammo per shot.
  • Heavy machinegun: Even more accurate than the machinegun. It fires more damaging bullets in 5-round bursts, but also consumes 2 bullets per shot, adding up to 10 bullets per burst.
  • Assault rifle: Slower than most other rapid fire bullet weapons, but fires heavy bullets which cause a large amount of continuous damage, but also consume 3 bullets per shot. It is also very accurate, which makes it useful for targets on long range, but aiming at a moving target up close will be more difficult.
  • Minigun: A big weapon of extreme rate of fire. It fires between 1 and 4 bullets per shot, with an average of 70 bullets per second, making it the fastest bullet weapon. It can also drain all bullet ammo in just under 6 seconds if the trigger is constantly held down.
  • Stinger: The ultimate nail weapon. It fires a volley of nails and screws of different sizes in a wide spread at a very high rate of fire, but consumes 5 bullet ammo per 6 nails and screws.

Slot 5: Explosive weapons[edit]

  • Grenade rifle: One of the most destructive starting weapons. This break-action explosive weapon functions similarly to the super shotgun, but it fires a small, high-speed grenade that explodes on impact. It requires great aim, but can frag an enemy player in just one shot, making it a high-risk-high-reward starting weapon.
  • Rocket launcher: Similar to the rocket launcher in Doom, with the same firing speed and explosion damage. However, the rockets move almost twice as fast and deal enough direct damage to frag an enemy player in one hit.
  • Grenade launcher: Functions similarly to the grenade launcher in Quake, firing bouncing grenades with identical damage but slower firing speed than the rocket launcher.
  • Barrage launcher: The triple-barreled variant of the rocket launcher. It fires rockets in 3 round bursts with a higher average firing speed than the rocket launcher. It takes a short time to reload the barrels before firing another burst of rockets.
  • Mini-bomber: A medium-spread rapid fire explosive weapon that fires small missiles, each dealing more than half the damage of a regular rocket. However, it consumes only 1 rocket ammo per 2 missiles, and has a very high sustained damage output thanks to the fast firing speed.
  • Heat seeker: A heavy explosive weapon with a slow firing speed that launches a homing missile. It deals more damage than a rocket or grenade, and the longer the missiles fly, the more aggressively they home onto a target. However, the missiles move slowly, and they can be shot down mid-air or guided into a wall.
  • Hellstorm cannon: A big weapon that fires, what one can say, a hellstorm: a large volley of demon fireballs, lost souls and rockets. However, because of the ability to cover a corridor with explosives, it has a drastically slow rate of fire.
  • Devastators: Fast dual wielded big weapons that fire 5 small rockets per shot, which is enough to frag an enemy mostly in just one trigger press.
  • Barrel launcher: A big explosive weapon that fires explosive barrels, each exploding on impact and dealing heavy damage in a wide radius.

Slot 6: Plasma weapons[edit]

  • Plasma gun: Similar to the plasma gun in Doom, but projectiles move twice as fast and can deal high direct damage per shot, or small splash damage if a player isn't hit directly.
  • Plasmachine gun: A double-barreled variant of the plasma gun that shoots twice as much plasma on a wide spread.
  • Railgun: A fully accurate, heavy damage hitscan weapon with a slow rate of fire. Consumes 10 cell ammo per shot, and can be considered the ultimate sniper weapon in the mod.
  • Pulse rifle: A plasma weapon with a fast rate of fire. It fires a rapidly weaving projectile that deals high damage and can be very unpredictable to enemy players, making it most effective on close and medium ranges. Each shot consumes 3 cell ammo.
  • Plasma beam: A fully accurate beam weapon that deals high sustained damage on enemies, but can quickly consume cell ammo.
  • Ion blaster: A slow but deadly projectile weapon that fires bouncing plasma projectiles that deal high damage, but consumes 5 cell ammo per shot.
  • Freezethrower: A big weapon that charges up to fire a rapid volley of projectiles that can frag enemies by freezing them in just a few hits.
  • Wide plasma gun: A horizontally wider version of the plasma gun with a very fast firing speed and very wide spread, which fires slower but also wider projectiles that deal extremely high damage.

Slot 7: Big weapons[edit]

  • BFG Prototype: A variant of the BFG with extreme damage but also a long cooldown time.
  • BFG10K: Nearly identical to the BFG10K of Skulltag with the exception that it can fire more than one high-damage hitscan explosion at once, while still only consuming 5 cell ammo per shot.
  • Devastator 1000: The definitive big weapon of Demon Eclipse, which takes a very long time to charge up, before firing a large red plasma projectile that explodes into smaller plasma projectiles on impact, which can frag a roomful of enemies.
  • Unmaker: A slow burst fire laser weapon that vaporizes enemies and pierces through them.
  • Firemace: A variant of the firemace from Heretic which fires two projectiles per shot and deals 10 times more damage per projectile.
  • Bloodscourge: The ultimate weapon of Daedolon from Hexen that deals twice the normal damage.
  • Wraithverge: The ultimate weapon of Parias from Hexen that summons more wraiths which seek and attack twice as fast.
  • Meowitzer: A big weapon that fires a volley of cats at a high rate of fire.
  • Flamethrower: A close range big weapon that deals extremely high constant damage.
  • Pyro cannon: An explosive fire weapon which fires a big projectile that causes several explosions in cardinal directions, fragging any players nearby.
  • The Sigil: The Sigil of the One God from Strife in its ultimate form. It uses the health of the player as ammo to fire a big lightning ball that fires lightning projectiles in a 90 degree spread in front of it, fragging any player in just one hit.
  • Redeemer: A tactical nuclear missile launcher, capable of clearing out a large area on the map with a large, slow moving nuclear missile that explodes in an extremely wide radius, but can only be shot once per lifetime.


The amount of ammo is drastically adjusted in Insanity Deathmatch compared to the ammo values of Doom. This includes the ammo capacity that players can carry, as well as the amount of ammo that players can collect from different pickups. In addition, the backpack will give full ammo in addition to increasing the ammo capacity.

Some big weapons use their own ammo types that can't be restored from pickups in classic Doom deathmatch maps. However, their pickups can be placed on custom maps made for the mod.

  • Bullets
    • Maximum capacity: 200
    • Maximum capacity with backpack: 300
    • A clip of bullets gives 20 bullets.
    • A small box of bullets gives 50 bullets.
    • A big box of bullets gives 100 bullets.
  • Shells
    • Maximum capacity: 20
    • Maximum capacity with backpack: 30
    • A bundle of shells gives 4 shells.
    • A packet of shells gives 6 bullets.
    • A box of shells gives 10 bullets.
  • Rockets
    • Maximum capacity: 15
    • Maximum capacity with Backpack: 30
    • A rocket pickup gives 1 rocket.
    • A bundle of rockets gives 3 rockets.
    • A box of rockets gives 6 rockets.
  • Cell ammo
    • Maximum capacity: 100
    • Maximum capacity with backpack: 200
    • A cell gives 20 cell ammo.
    • A cell kit gives 40 cell ammo.
    • A cell pack gives 100 cell ammo.



  • Health bonus: Gives 2 health and raises the player's max health by 2 up to 300.
  • Stimpack: Gives 25 health.
  • Medikit: Gives 50 health.
  • Medipack: Gives 75 health.


  • Light armor - All light armor pickups give 200 armor points.
    • Yellow armor: Has a 50% protection value and gives a separate 50% resistance to all damage.
    • Bullet armor: Has a 66.67% protection value and gives 80% resistance to bullets, nails and melee attacks.
    • Frag armor: Has a 75% protection value and gives 87.5% resistance to explosive attacks.
    • Tech armor: Has an 83.33% protection value and gives 80% resistance to plasma, railgun and BFG tracer attacks.
  • Heavy armor - All heavy armor pickups give 300 armor points.
    • Blue armor: Has a 66.67% protection value and gives 80% resistance to bullets, nails and melee attacks.
    • Red armor: Has a 75% protection value and gives 87.5% resistance to explosive attacks.
    • Purple armor: Has an 83.33% protection value and gives 80% resistance to plasma, railgun and BFG tracer attacks.
    • Super armor: Has a 50% protection value and gives a separate 80% resistance to all damage.


  • Soulsphere: Gives 300 health and permanently enables health pickups to heal up to 300 health.
  • Megasphere: Gives 300 health and a random heavy armor.
  • Strength: Upgrades all weapons into stronger variants for 30 seconds. Essentially an instant sphere version of the Tome of Power in Heretic.
  • Doomsphere: Quadruples the damage of the player for 20 seconds, similar to the Doomsphere in Skulltag.
  • Guardsphere: Gives a 75% resistance to all damage for 30 seconds, similar to the Guardsphere in Skulltag.
  • Resistance: Comes in three forms, all of which last for 30 seconds and give a base 50% resistance to all damage.
    • Ballistic resistance: Gives 90% resistance to bullets, nails and melee attacks.
    • Explosive resistance: Gives 90% resistance to explosive attacks.
    • Plasma resistance: Gives 90% resistance to plasma, railgun and BFG tracer attacks.
  • Haste: Doubles the attack speed of the player and boosts their movement speed by 25% for 30 seconds.
  • Turbosphere: Boosts the movement speed of the player by 50% for 30 seconds.
  • Regeneration: Makes the player regenerate 50 health per second for 30 seconds.
  • Reflection: Gives the player 200 health and makes them reflect all taken damage back to the source for 30 seconds.
  • Prosperity: Gives the player 200 health, a random light armor, full ammo and infinite ammo for 10 seconds.
  • Spread: Triples the shots of the player for 20 seconds. The amount of ammo spent on shots doesn't increase.
  • Drain: Gives the player 50% damage resistance and makes their damage on the enemy heal them.
  • Rage: Gives the player invulnerability and a random additional powerup for 10 seconds.
  • Time freeze: Freezes time for 10 seconds, including every player except the one who picked up the powerup. This powerup is extremely rare, and can mostly be seen spawned in place of the invulnerability powerup of Doom.

Random spawners[edit]

In standard Doom II deathmatch maps, Insanity Deathmatch replaces weapons and items of Doom II with randomized spawner actors. The following lists describe what thing is replaced from Doom II, and what specific weapons and items the spawners can spawn on each replaced spot. Each randomly spawned thing will remain the same, even when respawned, until the match ends and a new one starts.

Weapon spawners[edit]

The common weapon spawners replace the Doom II shotgun and super shotgun, and can spawn one of the following weapons:

  • Combat shotgun
  • Super shotgun
  • Riot shotgun
  • Screwgun
  • Super chaingun
  • Super nailgun
  • Heavy machinegun
  • Rocket launcher
  • Grenade launcher
  • Plasma gun
  • Railgun

The bullet weapon spawner replaces the Doom chaingun and can spawn one of the following weapons:

  • Super chaingun
  • Super nailgun
  • Heavy machinegun
  • Assault rifle

The explosive weapon spawner replaces the Doom rocket launcher and can spawn one of the following weapons:

  • Rocket launcher
  • Grenade launcher
  • Barrage launcher
  • Heat seeker
  • Mini-bomber

The plasma weapon spawner replaces the Doom plasma gun and can spawn one of the following weapons:

  • Plasmachine gun
  • Railgun
  • Pulse rifle
  • Plasma beam

The big weapon spawner replaces the Doom BFG9000 and can spawn one of the following weapons:

  • Quad shotgun
  • Hand cannon
  • Minigun
  • Stinger
  • Hellstorm cannon
  • Devastators
  • Barrel launcher
  • Freezethrower
  • Wide plasma gun
  • BFG prototype
  • BFG10K
  • Devastator 1000
  • Unmaker
  • Firemace
  • Bloodscourge
  • Wraithverge
  • Meowitzer
  • Flamethrower
  • Pyro cannon
  • Sigil
  • Redeemer

Ammo spawners[edit]

The clip, 4 shotgun shells, single rocket and energy cell pickups from Doom are replaced by an ammo spawner that can spawn one of the following items:

  • Clip of bullets
  • Small box of bullets
  • Bundle of shells
  • Packet of shells
  • Rocket
  • Bundle of rockets
  • Cell
  • Cell kit

The box of bullets, box of shotgun shells, box of rockets and energy cell pack pickups from Doom are replaced by an ammo spawner that can spawn one of the following items:

  • Small box of bullets
  • Big box of bullets
  • Packet of shells
  • Box of shells
  • Bundle of rockets
  • Box of rockets
  • Cell kit
  • Cell pack

Health and armor spawners[edit]

The Doom medikit is replaced by a health spawner that can spawn a medikit or a medipack.
The Doom stimpack is replaced by a health spawner that can spawn a stimpack or a medikit.

The light armor spawner replaces the green armor from Doom and can spawn one of the following light armor pickups:

  • Yellow armor
  • Bullet armor
  • Frag armor
  • Tech armor

The heavy armor spawner replaces the megaarmor from Doom and can spawn one of the following heavy armor pickups:

  • Blue armor
  • Red armor
  • Purple armor
  • Super armor

Powerup spawners[edit]

The chainsaw, partial invisibility, soulsphere, megasphere, berserk, light amplification visor and computer area map from Doom are replaced by powerup spawners that can spawn the following powerups:

  • Soulsphere
  • Megasphere
  • Strength
  • Doomsphere
  • Guardsphere
  • Ballistic resistance
  • Explosive resistance
  • Plasma resistance
  • Regeneration
  • Haste
  • Reflection
  • Prosperity
  • Drain
  • Turbosphere
  • Rage

The radiation shielding suit from Doom is replaced by a powerup spawner that can spawn the following powerups:

  • Ballistic resistance
  • Explosive resistance
  • Plasma resistance

The invulnerability from Doom is replaced by a powerup spawner that can spawn the following powerups:

  • Rage
  • Time freeze

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