The Doomguy carefully selects his scene composition.The Doomguy carefully selects his scene composition.
Author Andrew Stine
Port Vanilla
Year 2015
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod received one of the 2015 Cacowards on Doomworld in the Mockaward category!

InstaDoom is a set of 40 palette WAD files originally released by Andrew Stine (Linguica) on February 14, 2015,[1] with a final release on December 6, 2015,[2] which emulate the various photographic filters available on the social media photo sharing site Instagram. At the 22nd Annual Cacowards it received the Mockaward.

Selfie Doom[edit]

InstaDoom includes a second modification called Selfie Doom, which can be loaded independently or together with the filter files. It consists of a single WAD and a DeHackEd patch which replaces the BFG9000 with a "stick" for taking screenshots which look like selfies, a form of self-photograph popular on social media sites. The final version updated this to Selfie Doom: Buddy Adding Edition, adding multiplayer compatibility so players can strike a pose in the background of each others' selfies.


This version formed the basis for SELFIE.EXE, an executable hack of DOOM2.EXE version 1.9.[3] SELFIE.EXE allows the player to automatically save a screenshot when you pose, whether the game or a demo is played, a feature not supported in DeHackEd. This is done by adding the parameter -devparm to your path along with any of the filter WADs which allows the game to take a PCX screenshot of your selfie. Because of this, SELFIE.EXE only works in MS-DOS or DOSBox.


Within hours of its posting, InstaDoom and Selfie Doom garnered attention from numerous gaming blogs, social media sites, and mainstream news, culminating in articles on Kotaku, Huffington Post, The Verge, and others. The resulting traffic to Doomworld drove the number of concurrent users on its forums to an all-time-high record of 9847 visitors,[4] more than five times the previous record. The site and forums were intermittently unavailable at some points during the day, due to depletion of resources on the server.


Selfie Doom is likely the first user-made PWAD to ever feature vanilla-compatible tall patches; these are present in Doom and Doom 2, but as of December 2015, every known tool to import graphics into the Doom graphics format handles such tall patches incorrectly resulting in a graphical error.[5]


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