Invasion UAC


Invasion UAC
Title screen
Author David Bernardi
Port ZDoom
Year 2009
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Invasion UAC is a megawad by David Bernardi (Xsnake), meant for ZDoom-based source ports. Containing 32 very large, difficult levels, aimed primarily at cooperative gameplay, but also supporting single player, Invasion UAC is set mainly in a series of UAC locales overrun by the forces of Hell, which also include some new monsters through DeHackEd. The WAD is notable for featuring infinite ammo, eliminating the need to scour for supplies and focusing purely on the combat for most of the map. Invasion UAC was originally released in 2005, as three-level wad, and new levels would be added to the project gradually, until a full 32 were reached in version 5, released in 2009. The latest version, iu-part5-zd109c.wad, dates to 2012.


The WAD includes five new enemies and seven new items through the DEHACKED lump:

Custom monsters[edit]

Evil marine
A fast moving gray marine that sprays arachnotron plasma balls. It has 300 hit points (replaces the Wolfenstein SS).
A tough, red and black variant of the baron of Hell. It has 2000 hit points (replaces the zombieman).
Dark cyberdemon
A massive black and green variant of the cyberdemon, firing several projectile types alongside the lone rocket attack. It has 10000 hit points (replaces the shotgun guy).
Warlord of Hell
A very large black and blue variant of the baron, it has the same attack type as the arch-vile, but much faster. It has 30000 hit points (replaces the baron of Hell).
A larger version of the afrit from Scythe 2, firing multiple mancubus and revenant projectiles. It has 50000 hit points (replaces Commander Keen).

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