iodoom3 was to be a source port of Doom 3 as a sister project to ioquake3, announced on November 23, 2011, with similar goals of improving portability, code cleanup, improved networking standards, installers, and feature additions. It was announced and intended to be maintained by Zachary "TimeDoctor" Slater, the present maintainer of ioquake3.

iodoom3 drummed up a lot of hype and expectations based on the connection with the older ioquake3 project, and quickly gained its own website, Git hosting server (now defunct), and wiki. It also had its own IRC channel on Freenode, #iodoom3, that remains active today and serves and the unofficial location to chat about dhewm3, RBDOOM-3-BFG, and any other Doom 3-related topics in general.


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