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JDP, short for Joel's Doom Port, is a source port based on MBF, created by Joel Murdoch.


JDP included various bug fixes and some minor new features such as improved memory usage efficiency, and it was initially intended to host the Caverns of Darkness project. However, Joel cited the emergence of the Eternity Engine as reason to discontinue his own separate codebase. The only release of JDP was made at v1.01 some time before September 29, 2001.


Note: Taken directly from JDP 1.01 readme file.

The whole motivation behind this port is simply to provide the best possible experience for old school Doom add-ons (ie: anything designed for MBF, Boom or standard Doom) with no need to add things to the levels themselves. MBF has proven the best port to use for such add-ons, but it's not without it's flaws (hence the bug fixes) plus I've got a whole load of crazy ideas which will make Doom a bit more interesting for me. Whether it'll work for you as well is another matter. This port is for me, featuring things I want to see. But hey, if you like it too, then great :)''

It's not meant to be the next ZDoom or EDGE. It never will be. Even if I wanted to compete with those guys, they have an two important things I lack - talent and free time. If you're looking to start a new project and want it to be something special, use one of those engines, not this. If you're just a player who is looking for an exit in say...Requiem, all the bad guys are dead and your ears are being assailed by complete and boring silence, you're sick of being chomped on by demons 300ft below you, and want some new weapon and play variations to make things a bit more interesting, then this is for you.

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