Jacob Kruse (Shaviro)

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Jacob Kruse (Shaviro, formerly Maonth) is a game designer known as the leader of Team Future responsible for developing Doom II partial conversion RTC-3057 and Doom 3 episodic replacement mod Doom 3: Phobos. He acted as chief level designer for both projects.

In June 2000, Shaviro started developing Doom II total conversion The RTC Corporation (shortened to acronym TRTCC) that would target source port ZDoom. A one-level preview demo was uploaded to the idgames archive in September 2000. By 2001, the assets of RTC merged with another in-progress Doom II PWAD Doom 3057 (being designed by Team Future) to form hybrid project RTC-3057. During the next two years of development, Shaviro took over as Team Future's lead, acting as the main level designer of RTC's new demo level released in January 2003 its follow-up completed first hub from July 2004.

Shaviro then lead Team Future to create new Doom 3: Phobos episodes which have a prolonged development period dating back to December 2004. Episode 1 finally had its release in December 2018 and Episode 2 followed in September 2020.

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  • Doom 3: Phobos Episode 2 (Mod DB)
    • Same credits as Episode 1